Terms & Conditions

1. Artsana India Pvt. Ltd. (Hereinafter referred as “Artsana”) warrants that, during the Warranty Period, the Product will, with normal use and service, be free from manufacturing defects. Warranty is subject to all the terms & conditions as mentioned in this Warranty Card. 2. The Warranty Period for Artsana products is six (6) months from the date of its purchase vide a valid invoice, for manufacturing defects only. Customer must inform Artsana as soon as the warranty claim arises by contacting the customer care at the below mentioned email/phone number. 3. This Warranty relates to Artsana’s goods sold in India only. In the event of any accepted/proved manufacturing defect, during the warranty period only, customer is entitled only for repair or replacement of the products, whichever is lower, at the sole option of Artsana. However, in any event Artsana shall not be liable to provide any kind of standby/substitute of the product during the period the defective product is under repair and/or for any kind of damages, losses etc. caused by the product due to any reason whatsoever. 4. Artsana excludes/disown all liability(ies) in respect of the Product for any other loss which is indirect, not reasonably foreseeable from a failure of this Product, which may include liability for negligence, loss of tape/card, loss of images, loss of expenditure associated with the Product and loss of enjoyment. Under any circumstances, Artsana shall not be responsible for the damages/claim more than the value of the product. 5. This warranty is valid only for Products that are purchased new and against a valid legal invoice. To avail warranty the consumer needs to produce the original copy of the invoice, warranty card and a description of the fault along with product, failing which customer shall not be entitled the benefits of this warranty. 6. This warranty only applies where a defect has arisen, wholly and substantially, as a result of faulty manufacturing of the product during the Warranty Period only. Any claim/benefit claimed after the expiry of warranty period shall be not entertained. 7. In the event of replacement or repair of the product during the warranty period, the warranty of the product shall thereafter continue only for the remaining unexpired period of original warranty. 8. The warranty does not apply where damage is caused by other factors, including without limitation: (a) normal wear and tear; (b) abuse, mishandling, accident or failure to follow operating instructions; (c) leaking batteries (if applicable); (d) exposure to liquid/water etc. (e) infiltration of foreign particles/article/things; (f) servicing or modification of the Product other than by Artsana, or Artsana’s authorised service centre/agents; (g) use of the Product with unauthorised things or non-compatible item(s); (h) use of the Product with other accessories, attachments, product supplies, parts or devices that do not conform to Artsana specifications, (i) shipment or other transit. (e) any loss or consequential damage incurred while the Product is being repaired. 9. This warranty is not on-site warranty. For all repairs/replacements customer shall arrange to make available the product at Artsana designated place. 10. In case of any dispute the courts at Delhi, in exclusion of all the other courts, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the matter.