A bottle full of love

The transition to artificial feeding, especially if it is not a choice but a necessity, must not be seen by the mother as an inability to care for her baby or a "defeat", because the most important thing is that the child feels loved and is fed. It is then important that bottle feeding is performed in the same way of breast feeding. The place must be relaxed and calm, the baby must fell his mum's contact and love. The nursing moment is actually a combination of emotions, communication, love and tenderness which must not be sacrificed.


After the first few weeks, furthermore, even the father can live the thrilling experience of bottle feeding his baby.


Nursing by the father can be a precious chance to know his baby, to learn to communicate with him and can favor the establishment of a father-son relationship.


It can thus, mitigate any feeling jealousy, exclusion and neglect than sometimes affect new-fathers.