A cradle to cuddle

The bedtime is important, as is the environment where the baby sleeps, especially in the first few months of life when the baby spends most of his time sleeping.

In her mother's tummy her space was certainly small and cramped but also so enveloping and reassuring, that's why the cradle is the ideal place to put the baby to bed because, with its small size, it welcomes and envelops it completely.

The cradle, just because it is not bulky, can be placed next to the bed of parents so as to reassure not only the child but also the mother, who can feel her baby at all times, touch it, reassure. Sleeping near neighbors everything is easier, night feedings, frequent awakenings, consolation and pampering . And his sleep is safer.

But not only that, a handy and lightweight cradle, easily transportable, it is also ideal for travel at home or away, for a holiday or for a day with grandparents. The baby will rest peacefully and comfortably in a familiar and familiar environment, even outside the home, allowing parents to enjoy pleasant sociability, always taking their puppy moments with them ...