At ease, regardless of the bump

The body transforms gradually, following the natural stages of pregnancy. Hormones make breast firmer and fuller, the lines get smoother and the bump hinders the movements, the mood is a bit unstable, but those small inconveniences are immediately balanced by the joy of pregnancy .


Taking care of your body is a way to take part to the transformation in progress and an act of love for yourself and the arriving baby.

Follow a varied and balanced diet, limit, or better remove alcohol, tea, coffee, smoking, live a healthy lifestyle with relaxing open air walks, is the best for a mum and her baby.

But, also choosing comfortable clothing and specific underwear such as a good natural fiber bra, which is able to support properly the breast which became bulky, with wide straps for better distributing the weight. Or a girdle that relieves the bump and supports the back are a very good system for take care of your self and to prevent lumbar pains and slackening of tissues.