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Boppy Comfyfit Baby Carrier (Up to 15kg) (Grey)

3.5kg-15kg | Wrap your baby in a soft and comfortable embrace.

Recommended Age: 0 Month+


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The perfect baby carrier to make your little munchkin feel the bond of love and warmth by keeping him/her safe and just close to you. The carrier can be used up to 15kg. In addition, its trendy design with premium finishing make it perfect for every day usage by parents. 

Product features:
●    Easy to wear: It is easy to wear in just 3 easy steps.
●    Zippered pocket: The zippered pocket in the padded waist belt helps carry phone, keys, or cash quickly.
●    Maximum support: The padded mid-part maximizes the support for the baby's back and hips in the correct position. Padded straps distribute the baby's weight uniformly across your back. The international hip dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Boppy ComfyFit baby carrier as a hip-healthy product for new-born babies.
●    Stash and go baby pouch: The pouch makes the carrier compact and easy to carry. It keeps your carrier clean and safe when not in use.
●    Machine washable: The baby carrier is machine washable for easy care and maximum hygiene.

Just three simple steps to wear Boppy ComfyFit: 
1. Tie the buckle. 
2. Pull the straps over the shoulder. 
3. Tie knot across the waist.

●    0 month+: face in and bond with the parent
●    six months: face out to observe the world.
Product description:
Boppy ComfyFit helps you keep your baby close to you, always naturally and practically. It is easy to wear and lightweight, allowing you to move around freely while encouraging the child's interactions with the surrounding environment. The Chicco baby carrier is a soft padded carrier designed to carry your infant anywhere easily. The inward-facing position helps the baby to interact with you. In contrast, the outward-facing function allows the baby to explore the world. A carrier makes it easy to soothe a sick or crabby baby. The close contact with the baby makes it easy to respond to their needs quickly. It allows you to interact, make eye contact, and bond with the baby while working. A baby carrier fosters a close bond between you and your baby. 
It is essential to know that a baby carrier is inadvisable for babies under four months of age or babies who can't hold up their heads. It is because babies who cannot hold the neck are at greater risk of neck injuries.

Boppy ComfyFit helps you keep your baby close to you, always naturally and practically. In a way:
●    Three easy steps: The Boppy ComfyFit is easy wearing in just three simple steps: click, strap, tie and go.
●    Yoga-inspired fabric: The ComfyFit carrier is made up of soft, smooth, and breathable material. It comes in one size, making it quick and easy to share among caregivers.
●    Comfortable fit with ergonomic positioning: The padded waist belt and comfortable wide shoulder straps help evenly distribute the baby's weight. No additional infant insert is required in the carrier.
●    Easy care: Messes do happen with the babies, and thus the carrier is machine washable. The carrier is foldable, therefore, easy to carry in the car or even the diaper bag.

Consumer benefits:
The Boppy ComfyFit baby carrier is a stylish and intuitive carrier that would prove the best companion for new parents looking for an innovative and elegant solution to hold their baby when they need to work.
●    Chicco Boppy ComfyFit baby carrier makes sharing your carrier between caregivers as quick and easy as one size fits most.
●    It allows carrying the baby practically and naturally.
●    It is easy to use and is comfortable both for the parent and the baby.
●    The padded waist belt keeps parents comfortable with wide shoulder straps that distribute the baby's weight evenly. Be sure that the child has a clear breathing passage.
●    ComfyFit helps to breastfeed the baby in public areas. The baby will be close to you with the carrier, thus making it easy to breastfeed them.
●    2 Positions of Carrying – Facing towards mom/dad and Facing out for the baby to explore.
●    It can be easily machine washed.

As a general rule, it is suggested not to carry baby continuously in baby carrier longer durations and have a break every 2-3hrs. This would help alleviate tiredness in parents and allow you to check on baby needs. 

About Chicco Carriers:
Parents trust Chicco baby carriers for their baby. A perfect mix of practicality and convenience, assured quality and modern styling makes the Chicco baby carrier a best-selling carrier. Chicco holds an experience of 60+ years in supporting parents and babies. Our continuous dialogue with parents gives us a better understanding of the needs of parents and babies that results in product innovation.
Chicco offers a wide range of baby carriers to suit every need of parents and babies. The convenience of parents with the safety of babies is our first and foremost priority. Chicco baby carriers are a perfect solution for the parents to carry the baby safely, anytime, and anywhere. The carriers provide the parent's freedom of movement with the baby. These carriers are light and comfortable both for the parent and the baby.

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Generic Name: Baby Carrier
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:155 x W:165 x H:270
Gross Weight (in gm): 1150

Item weight: 1.05 kg

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
  • Care & Maintenance:

    • When using this product constantly monitor your child
    • Infant can fall through a side opening
    • Before each use, make sure all fasteners/knots are secure
    • Take special care when leaning or walking
    • Never bend at waist, bend at knees
    • Only use this product for children between 3,5 kg and 15 kg
    • Infants under 4 months can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tight against your body
    • Do not strap infant too tight against your body
    • Allow room for head movement
    • Keep infant's face free from obstructions at all times
    • Make sure newborns to 3 months are positioned properly in the product to provide adequate head support
    • Do not place blankets or jackets over the child while he is in the product
    • Do not place blankets or jackets over the child while he is in the product Make sure the product is not covering the child’s nose or mouth at any time during use.
    • Do monitor baby's breathing at all times. Make sure a young infant's chin is off his or her chest and the back is supported
    • Child must face towards you
    • Do not tie the ends of the straps close to the child's abdomen as it could cause it to become constricted
    • The straps should not fall below the knees of the adult user. Wrap them around the waist again if necessary
    • Do watch your step, as your balance can be affected while wearing
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