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Boppy Pillow Cover Wild Flowers

Boppy Nursing Pillow has an ergonomic shape and a unique fiber filling that provides comfort to parents and baby while breastfeeding

Recommended Age: 0-6 Months

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Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow is a simple, easy-to-use product with specifically researched features to make it the ideal feeding companion. The Boppy pillow ensures correct positioning and attachment of the baby to the breast, thus preventing any onset of pain. Due to the product design and manufacturing, it becomes easy for the mother to feed the baby without the strain on the back, neck, or shoulders. The product also ensures that the baby is comfortable in the correct position. There is a special insert, "Miracle Middle Insert," with which the Boppy pillow adapts to the shape of mother's body and does not lose its shape and consistency over time.

Features of the Boppy breastfeeding pillow:- 

●    UNIQUE FIBRE FILLING: The product comes with internal padding that is soft and compact so the baby does not sink into the pillow and always remains in the correct position. The consistency of the padding guarantees that the pillow will not lose its shape over time.
●    ERGONOMIC SHAPE:- The Boppy pillow has an exclusive shape that provides a secure fit for the mothers. It allows mum to sit upright when feeding, without bending over and leaning forward which can cause muscle tension. and reduces the need for bending, which can cause muscle tension. 
●    MAXIMUM HYGIENE:- The Boppy pillow is manufactured keeping in mind proper hygiene. It comes with a removable slipcover. Both the pillow and the slipcover are machine washable and dryable. It never loses its shape and consistency no matter how many times it is washed.
●    EXCLUSIVE MIRACLE MIDDLE™ INSERT:- This is an exclusive insert that allows the Boppy pillow to adapt to the shape of every mum, without being too tight or losing its original shape.

Boppy breastfeeding Pillow Accompanies the baby across its growth:

0M+ Ideal Support: It is the ideal product for breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

3M+ Nest to Relax: After feeding, the Boppy Pillow becomes a comfortable space in which baby can relax with his head slightly raised to help with digestion and to avoid regurgitation.

6M+ Developmental training: The Boppy Pillow is also a comfortable cushion that, supports the baby lying on its tummy. This facilitates the development of motor coordination.

9M+ Learning to Sit: The Boppy Pillow allows baby to safely maintain his balance and sit on his own.

Good to know:-

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for both mother and the baby and creates a special bond. We designed this Boppy Baby Feeding Pillow, which will help the mother in this beautiful journey of motherhood by helping her overcome the difficulties faced while breastfeeding. Boppy Nursing Pillow provides the mother and the baby with the necessary support that makes feeding more accessible and more peaceful. The Chicco pillow is designed in a unique shape, and the compactness of this pillow helps to reduce strain or tension on the mother's back, neck, and shoulders while keeping the baby at the right height while feeding. It has elastic which makes the Boppy feeding pillow adapts to any body shape. The pillow comes as versatile which can be your baby's best friend during all the growth phases. 
Thanks to its specificity and the consistency of its padding it helps the mother to maintain a comfortable position, reducing muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. The pillow also provides the baby with the right support, helping him to maintain a comfortable and natural position during the feeding. The Boppy breastfeeding pillow is recommended by Italian midwives (Study conducted by the Chicco and Art Observatory, The Resource Alliance, in 2012, on a sample of more than 200 Italian midwives).

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Generic Name: Pillow
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: Romania
Dimensions(in mm): L:520 x W:150 x H:480
Gross Weight (in gm): 1091

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
    • To avoid possible choking hazard:
      • Do not leave the baby unattended on pillow
      • Never leave the baby to sleep on the cushion
      • Never leave the baby face down or laying on one side on the pillow
      • Do not let children play with this product
      • To avoid all risk of strangulation, keep out of reach of children when not in use
      • Never use in cribs, beds, bassinets, playpens or any other structure designed for use without adult supervision
    • Keep away from sources of heat and open flames
    • Do not use if the pillow is wet
    • Before use, we invite you to carefully read the labels and warnings indicated on the product packaging
    • Hand wash using mild soap and water, or machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle using mild detergent.
    • Check that the fabric and stitching are in good condition each time you wash it.

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