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Diaper Dry Fit Advanced (Junior)

Diapers that meet the needs of baby and Mothers. Maximum absorbency and comfort diapers for your little ones!

Recommended Age: 12 Months+


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The leakage-proof Chicco diapers make the baby feel comfortable and clean. The extra soft and extra breathable facilities of the diaper keep the baby freshen and cherish their mood. 

Product Features- 

●    Maximum Absorbency: Features of an ultra-absorbent layer made with the combination of two different absorbent materials(SAP and cellulose) to keep your baby dry and let him move around freely. 
●    No leakage, only Fun: The lateral soft side barriers prevent any leakage. The dry diaper comfortably adapts to the baby's legs, keeping the diaper in place even when the baby is crawling, moving, or walking. 
●    Extra soft, extra breathable: Chicco diaper's ultra-soft and breathable material provides maximum comfort and protection to the baby's sensitive skin. 
●    Safe on skin: Dermatologically tested, Chicco Dry Fit Advanced diapers are entirely safe for babies. They have no added fragrance. Give your baby extra care and extra love. 
●    Comes in different sizes: Chicco diapers are available in different sizes- from new-born to toddler – New-born, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Junior and XL. The fun design theme combines the style with practicality. 

Product Description-

Chicco Dry Fit Advanced diaper is designed to give the best comfort and protection to the babies. The diaper is specially designed to keep the baby's skin dry and clean with maximum softness. In addition, Chicco Advanced Diaper features an ultra-absorbent layer that quickly soaks the liquid and provides maximum dryness to the baby. Thus, the baby can move around freely. 

●    The material of the diaper is soft and gives a cotton feel to the baby. The well-crow and the fitting are perfect on the baby's side of comfortability. 
●    The diaper is leak-free and prevents the other parts of the baby from getting dirty.
●    These are easily accessible and comfortable to use. Both for parents and babies, this diaper provides compatibility. 
●    The Chicco diapers are stretchable, and the padding is done from the top to the end.
●    The soaking quality of the diaper is excellent and is convenient for all mothers to use.
●    The belt quality of the diaper is fantastic and fits the baby well. The diaper has enough lining to go around the waist of the child and so it fits perfectly. It makes the diapers easy to use. 
●    The Baby diapers have a better finish and design, so they do not look messy when your baby wears them. 
●    If you doubt the quality of the Chicco diapers, then do the water test on the diapers. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the results. The diapers are made of SAP and cellulose that are considered to be suitable absorbents. These two components provide the maximum absorbency to the diapers.
●    Parents spend their sleepless nights changing the diapers of their babies. But this diaper makes the parent free from changing the diapers again and again. Many of the diapers available in the market are made up of plastics. When the plastic gets in contact with the baby's skin, it causes irritability, rashes, and itchiness to the baby's skin. But, Chicco diapers are made of materials responsible for providing hygiene and comfort to your little one. The soft layer of the diapers makes them feel comfortable.  
●    The Chicco diapers are available in different sizes for babies of different ages. Right from the babies who are newly born to the toddlers, these diapers suit all. 

good to know:
Chicco diapers are safe for the baby to wear a diaper daily and throughout the day. Chicco diapers are entirely safe for new-borns. With Chicco diapers, there is no need to change the diapers frequently. They have high absorbency power. Picking up the correct diaper is complex and challenging with the number of brands available in the market. The Chicco diapers never give a diaper rash to the baby. They are soft and comfortable. Chicco diapers are the doctor's choice for diapers. 

We at Chicco want to provide the best for you and your baby. We consider not only your babies' comfort but also yours. The Chicco Diapers are specially designed to provide maximum comfort to your little one. We work to make your baby's childhood and your parenthood better!

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Country of Origin: Czech republic
Best Before 5 years from the date of manufacturing

●    Take a clean cloth and some water and clean the parts of the baby before making them wear the diaper. Also, do not immediately make them wear the diaper as soon as you wash them. 
●    Let the area dry, and only then make the baby wear the diaper. 
●    Put the rash cream when you wish to before making them wear the diaper. 
●    If your baby pees a lot, change the diaper every two hours. 
●    When the baby poops, it is recommended to change the diapers immediately to prevent any infection.
●    Let the skin of the baby breathe. Remove the diaper, clean the area, put it on the lower, and let the baby's skin be free for two to three hours. 
●    Also, if your baby undergoes a rash, take the diaper out until the inflammation is not treated. 

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