Humidify?  Yes.  But how?

In those rooms where children spend their days, especially in winter, not only clean air but also right temperature and dampness protect children from allergies and various respiratory diseases and improve the quality of their life.

When the air is too dry because of the radiators, for example, or the baby is suffering from a dry cough, it would be better to increase the humidity of the environment through a humidifier in order to prevent dryness of the mucosa of respiratory passages and make them less susceptible to infection. If your child is allergic and asthma sufferers, however, humidity levels must be kept lower.


But how to choose the right humidifier? Hot or cold humidifier?


A hot humidifier , bringing the water to a boil, dispenses a steam free of bacteria and molds. It's particularly suitable in cases of colds because it moisturizes the mucus membranes, it helps to break up mucus and help the baby breathe better. We always choose devices with automatic switch off systems, and let's keep out of reach of children if they already crawl or walk.

Chicco Hot Humidifier:

Humi Essence

Humi Relax


The cold humidifier instead, based on ultrasonic technology, does not heat the environment and is therefore particularly suitable for small homes or with high temperature and non-adjustable. It is also an excellent solution for geographical areas where the weather is very dry in summer. It is also quiet and does not disturb sleep. It's safe for daily usage if there are older children who might accidentally touch it. But it is important to take care of the hygiene of the tank.

Chicco Cold Humidifier:


Comfort Neb