Preventing back pain during pregnancy

Back pain in pregnancy is particularly frequent between the 5th and 7th month, affecting over 50% of expectant mothers and 25% of women for a variable period of time even after giving birth.

Causes of back pain in pregnancy

The main cause is to be found in the weight increase localized at the level of the abdomen. This causes a forward displacement of the body's center of gravity and a subsequent postural balancing response back to the level of the head, shoulders, spine and knees. These postural adjustments increase the load of the lumbar and spine and can cause that annoying pain that can shame the well-being and serenity of waiting.

Remedies to relieve back pain in pregnancy

The intimate maternity, tailored to meet the needs of a pregnant body, can be a good help to relieve the symptoms of low back pain. The sheath, for example, can eliminate the pressure especially on the back, an sensitive area with the progress of pregnancy. In general, a light but constant physical activity can help to strengthen the sacral loin muscles and, therefore, to support the belly with less effort. So yes to gymnastics in water, yoga or, more simply, relaxing walks to recharge your body and mind.