Chicco toothpaste : Strawberry flavour


No fluoride : No preservative : No SLS.                      Exciting flavor to clean, care and protect your baby's teeth. Now give your baby every reason to smile.


Gentle-Safe oral hygiene of babies and kids

Chicco Toothpaste Strawberry flavour cleans and protect babies and kids soft gums and teeth for a right oral hyginen

  • From 12 months onwards of babies and kids
  • No Fluoride and SLS 
  • Preservative free formula 
  • Also contains Bio-available calcium for stronger teeths
  • Contains Xylitol to prevent caries and cavities 
  • Very Low abrasive formula that does not harm baby's milk tooth enamel
  • Right flavour in right formula for faster adaptation to baby's taste buds 
  • Best fit if used with Chicco toothbrushes 

Available sizes: 50 ml.


With Bio-available calcium

Contains bio-available calcium for stronger teeths


Made safe for babies and kids

Babies especially at the ages of two and under can swallow toothpaste and it is tough to teach them to spit out toothpaste in that age. That's why ,Chicco toothpaste is made which is 100% Preservative free, SLS free formulation which gives a safe oral hygiene for babies and prevents cavities.

Chicco toothpastes also do not contain parabens providing the gentlest formulation for babies and kids.


Complere protection

The Chicco toothpaste helps in preventing dental plague without damaging the tooth enamel. Moreover, its low abrasive formula is ideal to protect the child's milk teeth. The presence of natural extract like Xylitol-A with anti-bacterial property helps in preventing tooth decay and the formation of dental cavities thereby providing ideal protection to babies gums and teeth from day one.



The Chicco toothpaste does not scratch the enamel and boasts of an extremely low Relative Enamel Abrasivity (REA) Index.


Natural care against cavities

Contains Xylitol-A natural extract which helps in sanitising the oral mucosa does performs an anti-bacterial action helps in preventing tooth decay


100% Fluoride free formula

A child can swallow too much fluoride, especially at the ages of two and under, when it's tough to teach them to spit out toothpaste. When too much fluoride is taken in, it can lead to dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is a particular condition that causes  discoloration or pitting on the teeth. It may appear as brown spots, scattered white specks or white spots. The teeth may even feel rough. Therefore it is very important to use fluoride free toothpaste in a right dose during initial teething period.


Right flavour for babies and kids taste buds

Making a right flavour which can suits the babies and kids taste buds is the most difficult task.Chicco toothpaste range is made specially for babies and kids so that they adapt to the flavours faster without any discomfort.Right flavour for right age of babies and kids.

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Do you know that...

... for the well-being of your child, the ambient temperature must not exceed 18 ° -20 ° and the relative humidity must be between 40% and 60%.

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