Designed to gradually develop the child's drinking skills.


Why choose it

  • Bite resistant spout that mimics the first approach with the straw, allowing the child to place the mouth in "O".
  • Shaped spout to favor the right positioning of the lips and off-center to facilitate the correct posture of the neck during drinking.
  • Innovative removable, removable Sorso valve, patented to guarantee the anti-drop seal of the cup without compromising the child's ease of drinking.

Positioning of the straw

Near the edge to allow correct positioning of the child's neck.


Valve characteristic

A single removable and anti-drop piece.


Shape of the straw

Designed for the correct positioning of the child's lips.

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Do you know that...

... your child prefers sweet taste because it reminds him of the taste of amniotic fluid and that of your milk.

Chicco Advanced Cup for 12m +

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