Myamaki complete baby carrier


Ergonomic, evolutionary, multi-position and equipped with reducer


Ergonomic, evolutive, multi-position and provided with reducer.

Myamaki is the new ergonomic and evolutive Chicco baby carrier.

Acknowledged as a hip-healthy product by IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute), Myamaki guarantees the M position of the legs, sustains the head of the baby giving comfort and support and naturally adapts to the baby’s physiological growth thanks to the special slit opening on the front of the baby carrier.

Myamaki, in addition, has been studied to guarantee the maximum comfort for parents thanks to the soft and padded shoulder and waist straps that ensure the correct distribution of the weight across parent’s back.

Myamaki Complete is provided with a pratical multi-function reducer, wearable in various configurations.

Coloured and modern style, it represents a new way of conceiving the baby carrier: simple, suitable for many uses and especially designed to best meet the infant  needs of growth and comfort.


Ergonomic for the baby


Safe for hips

The spacious and structured seat guarantees the baby the hip heathy M-position, with its legs spread apart and high knees, ideal for the baby's hips well development.


Safe for back

Myamaki ensures the correct position of the baby’s back.

Thanks to the special silt opening on the front of the baby carrier, in fact, it maintains the natural C-position of the back, adapting to the child’s body during all his growing phases.


Correct head and neck support

Myamaki baby carrier has been designed to ensure the correct support of the neck of your baby, especially during the first months of his life.


Ergonomic for the parent


Correct weight distribution

The extremely comfortable waist strap and the padded shoulder straps distribute the baby’s weight properly, providing an extra support to the parent’s lower back in order to guarantee the maximum comfort possible.


Baby pod

The Myamaki baby carrier features an adjustable baby pod that provides support to the baby and offers an extra restraint tool to walk safely together.


Premium fabric

Myamaki is elegant and comfortable. The soft fabric, in fact, is an extra cuddle for you and your baby: comfortable and soft inside, stilish and refined outside.


Refined style

Myamaki has been studied to provide the maximum wearability through fluid lines  embellished with stylish stitchings: is like wearing your own favourite dress!


Multi-position baby carrier

Myamaki accompanies your child's growth, step by step thanks to his different configurations of use: from the one that allows maximum contact between mother and baby, suitable since birth, to those which allow your baby to have full contact with the outside world.


Mum-facing position (0m+)

The mum-facing position is fundamental especially in the early months of your baby's life: it allows you to strengthen your bond, staying in constant contact and...within reach of your kisses!


Hip position (6m+)

The hip-position is natural, practical and comfortable for moms because it lets you to unload the baby’s weight on the hip and stimulating for the baby, so he can look at the world from a different angle and satisfy his growing curiosity.


Back pack position (6m+)

Comfortable both for the parent and the baby, the back position is simple and intuitive, just like wearing a backpack!


Multi-position, comfortable and fashionable.


Multi-position: 0-1 m

Used from birth till the first month, the reducer can be used inside the baby carrier to wrap the baby like in a hug, allowing also to the little ones to maintain the correct posture, with the legs well  gathered together and the head and the back well contained.

Moreover, the reducer helps maintaining the baby's temperature and sensations when moving in and out from the baby carrier so that the mother can move him minimizing the stress caused by the detachment.


Multi-position: 1m+

After the first month of life, it can be used completely open inside the baby carrier as a reducer/cover.

In this way, his functions become to provide protection and more comfort to the baby, in order to make him feel cuddled and cocooned, just as in a hug with you.


Fun protective hood

The multi-functional reducer comes with a practical hood to protect your child from the bad weather, the wind and the sun or to ensure him sweet dreams during the outdoor walks.

When not in use, the hood can be folded into a practical pocket of the reducer.



Myamaki Complete is designed for fashionable moms and dads: with the sophisticated but colorful reducer, is available in many colours and fantasies to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

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Product code: 04079477370000 GREY STRIPES



  • Suitable from birth till 15 kgs.


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  • Technical information

    Product code: 4079477370000 GREY STRIPES



    • Suitable from birth till 15 kgs.


  • Warnings and instructions

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Chicco Myamaki Baby Carrier

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