Electric toothbrush 3-6 yrs


A new way to make your kid brush their teeth effectively.


Why choose

  • Battery-powered electric toothbrush with a gentle vibrating brush head. 
  • With tapered technology bristles with ultra-fine ends recommended by ADI .
  • The vibrating brush head, combined with the tapered technology bristles, has a delicate action on enamel and sensitive gums.
  • Thanks to the easier access to free gingival spaces, the bristles are more effective in removing plaque compared to conventional bristles.
  • Replacement brush head included in the pack.
  • Replaceable battery slot.  

Benefits of Tapered technology bristles

1.Bristles are very thinner compared to the base than any traditional bristles acting like a “Feather effect” on baby’s milk teeth.Hence bristles are extra stable on the base and more flexible on top.

2.These feather like thin bristles are most effective in reaching to untouched areas in the baby’s mouth than any traditional bristles.

3. Because they are ultra-thin they are more effective in removal of plague and food residue between gums & teeth which is the main cause of any dental diseases.


Long lasting battery

Long life battery included with the toothbrush.Batteries can be replaced.


10000 Vibration/Min

Automatic cleaning of gums and teeth with more vibrations designed for superior and effective cleaning performance.


Extra bristle set included

Efficient and long-lasting cleaning of teeth with one extra set of tapered bristle

Bristle hardness is proportional to the diameter of the bristle width. Bristle will be harder if the diameter more and vice-versa.

That’s why tapered technology bristles are ideal for best cleaning performance as they are hair like thin ultra soft bristles. 

Amount of force used to brush is not critical for effective plague removal. Choosing right toothbrush with right kind of bristle is more critical.

That’s why tapered technology bristles are ideal for best cleaning performance as they can automatically reach to unreachable areas of babies and kids oral mucosa.

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  • Technical information

    Product code: 8545000000 Light blue

  • Warnings and instructions



Do you know that...

... for the well-being of your child, the ambient temperature must not exceed 18 ° -20 ° and the relative humidity must be between 40% and 60%.

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