Protect your baby's eyes from the sun's rays

Every parent knows that a child's delicate skin always has to be protected against the sun's rays by applying specific sun creams , and that their heads need to be covered.

It's not so widely known, however, that lengthy exposure to the sun's rays can cause damage to the eyes, in the same way that it damages the skin, because the ultraviolet radiation affects the eye structure.

In fact children have an extremely transparent crystalline lens, especially when they're very young, and so they lack a natural UV barrier; that's why their sensitive eyes have to be carefully protected.

We can shield them from particularly intense light by making them wear a cap with a wide visor and suitable sunglasses. It's a good idea to choose lenses that filter the solar rays and annoying reflections. Don't forget that water, rocks and sand - but even snow and ice as well - heighten the glare of the sunlight and can irritate and damage the eyes.

Wearing sunglasses to reduce exposure to sunlight is recommended right from the first year of life.

In the case of allergies, sunglasses help protect against contact with pollen, dust and atmospheric agents, and also discourage the child from rubbing his eyes when he's got soil or sand on his hands.

The sunglasses should sit very close to the face so that they cover the eyes well. The best choice is a wrap-around frame that offers better protection. Make sure they're smooth, flexible and shockproof too - vital for a child who's always on the move and still a bit unsteady on his feet.

And what if the child doesn't want to wear them?

If mum and dad usually wear sunglasses, the child won't have any trouble copying them. The glasses will become a fundamental part of his clothing, especially if he can choose the style and color he prefers.


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