Shoes for your baby's first steps: which to choose for your child

For your child's first steps , shoes should be decided with care and accompany the healthy growth of the foot, respecting its physiology.

Walking is a natural gesture, involving many functions

There he is, coming towards you, a few steps and he's in your arms: your baby is taking his first steps. While, until now, shoes were used to protect him from cold or impact, now they have to support his motor development. The foot has a fundamental function: it receives information from the environment and ensures balance, stability and locomotion.

The arch of the foot forms gradually, from the first steps

What to do now that he's taken his first steps ? Whenever possible, make him walk barefoot and on uneven surfaces: this not only contributes to forming the arch of the foot, but the stimulations received from the environment will also improve neurological development, balance, stability and a sense of security. Up to 4 years old, your child's foot is physiologically flat and must receive the correct stimulations for the development of the muscles and for the gradual formation of the arch of the foot. Since in our society, children seldom walk without shoes but still move on smooth surfaces, such as the floors, their foot receives a limited number of proprioceptive stimuli.

First steps shoes , follow natural movement

A shoe should therefore be able to provide the appropriate stimulation. The presence of a suitable insole is therefore essential for your child's well-being: with soft reliefs to stimulate the formation of the arch of the foot and the metatarsal area, with a flexible sole to accommodate the natural movement of the feet, in real leather and with micro-holes that ensure the breathability of the skin of the foot. It's best if it's a little high at the back to give the support your child's need.

Choosing shoes for a growing child

From the age of 2, you should choose a lightweight and flexible first steps shoe to support your child while he is walking, running and jumping. It is important for it to be also easy to wear to favor your child's autonomy.

While the shoes must support the growth of the foot, it is also essential that they perform a stimulating action to ensure that the child has a healthy physical development from early childhood.

Choosing the first steps shoe is therefore important not only for comfort but also for the correct development of your child's foot: It is therefore important to use shoes specially designed for a foot that is starting to move and develop adapting to surfaces.