Soft Cotton Square (60 Pcs)

The Chicco soft cotton square 60 pcs designed especially for your young ones to maintain their body's hygiene and keep them fresh. Suitable from 0months+

Recommended Age: 0 Month+


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  • The 100% cotton material of the Chicco baby wipes makes the baby's body clean and helps them feel refreshed. Beneficial for the sponge bath of the baby and removing all the germs from their private parts. 

    Product Features- 

    ●    Baby Moments range: Chicco baby moments is a complete range of safe and gentle products covering different moments in a baby's life, starting from a bath, change, skincare, fragrance moments to take care of your baby's sensitive and delicate skin from the first days of their life. All products are made with carefully selected ingredients of natural and vegetarian origin to cleanse and take care of your baby's skin in the gentlest way possible. 
    ●    Made of soft cotton: The Chicco baby moments are 100% pure. It gently cares for the child's skin and removes impurity without leaving any residue. 
    ●    Removes impurity: The gentle and 100% soft cotton helps remove the impurities from the baby's skin anytime, anywhere. Also, these are available in single swabs for comfort use. 
    ●    For sponge bath and quick clean-ups: The pure cotton swabs are made for giving a sponge bath during cold weather, quick clean up during travel, etc. The cotton swabs are made with 100% pure ultra-soft cotton, which offers the gentlest care on the baby's skin. 

    Product description- 

    100% pure & ultra-soft cotton swabs.

    The Chicco soft cotton square is ideal for removing impurities on a baby's skin without leaving any residue. These are 100% caring nappy moments with 100% pure cotton swabs. The new baby toiletries line baby moments are born! Therefore, we have a complete range of products for the regular care of a baby's sensitive and delicate skin. The baby wipes are made up of pure cotton and gentle care for the baby's skin. They remove impurities without leaving residues. 

    The Chicco cotton square comes in 60 pcs. It is suitable for babies of 0 months and above. They come at an affordable price of Rs. 399 for 60 pcs. 

    Customer benefits:

    ●    The baby wipes are made of 100% cotton. 
    ●    These are used for cleaning purposes. The cotton squares are so smooth that it makes it convenient for the parent to clean their babies' body.
    ●    The cotton squares are used to clean the private parts of the babies. 
    ●    These cotton baby wipes help to prevent any rashes on the baby's skin. 
    ●    They are also good for traveling purposes as it makes it convenient for the parent to use it. 
    ●    The cotton square is affordable and available at a low price. 
    ●    If the child gets dirty while playing or eating, these Chicco baby wipes are handy for cleaning them. A parent cannot wash the essentials of the baby all day with the water. So, it is necessary to look after the baby's hygiene in a different way. Using cloth at times is very rough to clean the baby. The cotton squares come with a 100% genuine cotton quality, thus being gentle on your baby's skin.
    ●    The best part of these cotton swabs is that they can be handy while giving a sponge bath to the child. During winters, the child often faces catching a cold if made in direct contact with water. Making them a bath with these baby wipes will help remove all the impurities from the body in a gentle way.
    ●    It will make the baby’s body look cleaner and moisturized. 

    While the child starts playing outdoors, there is a high chance of the bacteria getting stuck to their hands or feet. Cleaning the hands and legs of the babies with these cotton squares can be very beneficial in removing all the germs and preventing them from going inside the baby's body. Also, these cotton swabs can be used as nappies for the baby's private parts. It has antibacterial properties that help to keep the area clean. It helps to provide better hygiene to the children and help them feel fresh. Chicco baby wipes are the best cotton swabs available in the market because of the quality of the product. The cotton squares undergo a lot of quality tests and are marked as perfect for the use of the baby.

    At Chicco, we hire designers who are specialized in making baby products. We know the complexities that a parent faces during their parenting. We create unique designs and colours to make the product attractive for your babies. 

    Chicco has been marked as a trusted brand by many mothers for their baby's products. We are grateful to all the parents who include us in their beautiful journey of parenting. Also, to the new parents thinking of involving us in their journey ahead. Happy parenting!

Generic Name: Cotton Squares
Net Quantity: 60N
Country of Origin: Italy

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
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