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Swaddles Set (2 Pcs) (Animals Print) (Light Grey)

Usable from birth (0months+). Multipurpose 4- in- 1 Swaddle for your baby's comfort and protection. The animal print swaddles are suitable for every occasion.

Recommended Age: 0 Month+


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The burp cloth provides enough space for the mothers to clean the parts of the baby outside home. All-time convenient swaddles are easy to clean and protect the baby from sunlight and all kinds of dust.

Product Features:
●    Swaddle: The muslin can be used to wrap the baby when it's time to sleep. Its soft fabric envelops the baby in a warm hug, making him/her feel relaxed and protected ,ensuring a peaceful sleep. 
●    Burp cloth: The Chicco baby muslin swaddle is also used as a surface. You can lean the baby at the burping time and as a cover for the parents against regurgitation. 
●    Nursing cover: you will experience on-the-go breastfeeding with more privacy. Thanks to the unique and intimate mother-child environment that the muslin allows to create.   
●    Stroller sun shadow: Parents and children can better enjoy a walk outside. Thanks to the muslin! Chicco swaddles can be used as a stroller cover to protect the baby from the sunlight while ensuring perfect air ventilation. 

Product Description- 
The multipurpose solution- 
The swaddle is a 100% cotton cloth. It can be used in different situations: to wrap your baby, making him feel protected. To change him during breastfeeding as a nursing cover, as a burp cloth, as a stroller cover and on many other occasions. 

Customer's benefits:
●    Chicco baby swaddles have a design to get the baby wrapped in comfort. Using a blanket to cover the face of the baby can suffocate them.
●    The swaddle set is available in different sizes. The baby's swaddles differ according to their weights. 7 to 14 pounds baby can fit in the swaddle size S. The M size of the swaddle is an inch longer than the S size. 
●    The swaddle covers the baby from the neck to their feet. It gives them complete protection from exposure to pollution or sunlight. 
●    The animal print design in the swaddle set of the baby attracts them towards it. They look attractive with the unique design the swaddles have. Also, it is colourful to help cherish the baby's mood while they get covered in it. 
●    The swaddle set gives enough space for the baby to move their legs. If they get into the swaddle that does not allow their movement, then this can irritate them. The swaddle, which has enough room for the baby to move, will comfort the baby-making him love the swaddle set. 
●    The soft fabric of the swaddle set gives immense comfort to the baby. 
●    The colour and material of the Chicco baby swaddle set are such that the baby won't feel hot inside it. The swaddle set provides a more extraordinary effect to the baby when they get into it. 
●    When the parents go out for a walk or travel in the sunlight, the swaddle set protects their babies from the harmful UV light directly from the sun. It is provided with a cover over their head that can cover the baby's head while the parents are out in the sunlight. 
●    The head cover has a health facility for the ventilation of the baby. Being too long in the swaddle without any ventilation can suffocate the baby and make them feel uncomfortable. But, the Chicco baby swaddles wrap set looks for all the facilities and comfort that should be provided to the baby. 
●    It often gets difficult to breastfeed the baby in a public place or when some people are around. The swaddle set helps mothers in breastfeeding their child by giving a complete cover to the child and the mother. The muslin cloth of the swaddles allows ventilation and thus making it comfortable for the baby to feed. 
●    The swaddle set has enough cloth to allow the baby to burp. 

Consumer Benefits:
Chicco baby swaddle sets are demanded mainly by all mothers for their babies. The mothers feel safe with our products and look for these for their baby’s comfort. Chicco knows how to take care of the mother and the baby. Chicco products are designed in the presence of designers specializing in giving facilities and comfort to babies and their parents. The Chicco baby swaddles are made of fabric that is thick and durable to provide baby comfort. The unique and colourful design of the swaddles makes them look more attractive and helps keep the baby's mood enlightened. The different colours of these swaddles have different meanings.. Usually, Chicco designs swaddles that are light in colour so that when exposed to sunlight, it provides a more relaxing effect to the baby.

For many years, Chicco has been designing products that the parents love. Parents recommend our brand because of the quality we offer to them. Also, we specialize in many other products that look after the baby.

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Generic Name: Swaddle
Net Quantity: 2N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:280 x W:280 x H:35
Gross Weight (in gm): 390

Material: Soft Muslin
Swaddle Size: 110 x 110cm

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
  • ●    Wash the swaddle by hand to maintain the delicacy of the swaddle. 
    ●    Use lukewarm water to wash off all the pollution and dirt from the swaddle. 
    ●    Also, the swaddle can be exposed to sunlight for some time to remove all the germs. Change the swaddle immediately in case the baby pees or poops in them. 
    ●    Use a sterilizer or baby detergent to clean the swaddle set of the baby.
    ●    Maintain the baby's hygiene swaddle in every possible way to give the baby a clean 

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