Walk in the open air

There is no reason why the baby can not be taken out of the house for the first few weeks. The walks in the open air are a panacea for children of all ages and a moment of relaxation and entertainment for mothers. It is important, however, to follow some precautions.

Choose the best hours

For a wellness walk with the child it is important to choose the best hours of the day. So avoid the hottest hours in summer and the coldest in winter.

Green is better

For a comfortable walk with the child, it is preferable to choose the less busy areas. The ideal, when possible, is walking in green areas, such as city parks or country roads.

In the baby carrier or in the stroller

In the baby carrier , in contact with the reassuring warmth of the mother, comfortably lying in the pram or sitting in the stroller, the child is surrounded by stimuli important for the development of the senses: the colors, the smells, the voices of people , the sounds of nature. The outdoor walks for the child represent an important opportunity to discover and know, day after day, the world that surrounds it.