With the sun in your eyes

Why do I have to wear my son's sunglasses?

The child's eyes deserve great attention. Especially in the first years of life. In fact, exposure to the sun can cause serious damage, because ultraviolet radiation acts on the ocular structures: the crystalline of the small in fact is extremely transparent and does not have a natural barrier to UV rays. It is therefore important to protect your child's sensitive eyes with great care. As? Let's see it together.

One year old sunglasses and hat

First advice: always fix the child from too bright light with a wide-brimmed hat. Make them wear appropriate sunglasses: choose certified lenses with good optical quality, which can filter out sunrays and annoying reflections. Water, rocks and sand, but also snow and ice in fact amplify the reflection of sunlight and can irritate and damage the eyes more easily. Other annoyances to take into account are allergies: sunglasses help protect the child's eyes from contact with pollens, dust and atmospheric agents and discourage the child to rub his eyes with his hands stained with earth or sand.

And if you do not want to wear them?

What if he makes a tantrum? Just a little 'sweetness and the example of mum and dad: if you wear them habitually the baby will imitate you and sunglasses will soon become an integral part of his clothing. Involve him in the selection of the model and, once chosen, make him wear tight to the face so as to cover the eyes. Choose bundling frames for added protection and check its features: make sure they are soft, flexible and scratch-resistant.