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Wherever there's a baby,
there's the sweetest scent in the world

Baby Moments

From Chicco experience, a complete line of delicate,
hypoallergenic and clinically tested skin care products
with parabens free formulas
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When you switch off the light,
a music and colours show begins

First Dreams

First dreams range that gently lulls little ones
into the world of dreams.
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Urban living has never been easier

SimpliCity Stroller

A simple and cosy way to discover the city
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Giving your milk is as simple as giving your love.

Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump

An ideal solution for new age mothers
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Bonding is a Boppy thing

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy is versatile...following baby's growth
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Who we are

Our mission has always been to make a baby smile, helping mums and dads in their baby’s growth journey. We provide safe solutions which are designed to meet the demands of babies as they progress through the growth phases, because for us happiness is a journey that starts when you’re a baby.

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Free entry in the world of children.

In the Chicco Shops you will find a lot of suggestions and useful services to make your baby happy!

paediatrics dictionary
osservatorio chicco

The expert answers

A team of experts who collaborate with the Osservatorio Chicco responds to the most frequently asked questions of parents.

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osservatorio chicco

Discover all about the Osservatorio Chicco

A facility dedicated to the knowledge of children from 0 to 3 years and its psycho-physical, emotional and social needs.

Close together.... | Osservatorio Chicco
osservatorio chicco

Close together...

Sleeping close to your baby is advisable, but taking him in your bed is not safe for the baby.

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