Things We Believe

Like all good things in this world, being a parent requires a lot of effort and sometimes it feels like a very bumpy road.

We at Chicco try to make this fantastic adventure a little smoother by listening to the needs of parents and parents-to-be. However, we want to go further and promote the idea of parenting, a concept that embraces the wider support system of people who take care of children in different ways. Wherever there is someone caring for a child, we are by their side.


Sustainability for us

Caring is in our DNA is: care for you, for your children, and for the people you care about.

This is why we are committed every day to safeguarding childhood and the future of those here now and those who soon will be.

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Competence, commitment and passion guide us every day in pursuing ambitious quality objectives; this can be seen in everything we do, from listening carefully to our customers, to the study and development of concrete solutions, to the synergy of our processes: a team made up of people who care about people.

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