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Where experts and parents meet

The Chicco Research Centre is located in Italy but has an international outlook. It focuses on the needs of children and encourages

the direct involvement of parents. It also draws on the expertise of medical professionals and academics.

The contribution of external partners enables us to widen our knowledge of all facets of parenting, anything in fact that concerns the care of children and the well-being of the parents. Our constant dialogue with parents gives us a better understanding of the needs of parents and children. We are then better placed to offer innovative solutions and help them in everyday life through advice and constant support.

Phenoxyethanol free baby cosmetics

An Ingredient of growing concern globally - Phenoxyethanol

Play for growing

Playing is a key activity that allows the baby to know the world and himself and to gain always new abilities.

The importance of children's games

Games and toys for children, growing up having fun

Remedies against lice infestation

Lice in children: Pediculosis treatment and prevention

Foetal measurements: how to calculate them?

Weight and length: knowing the dimensions of the foetus

Breastfeeding problems

Nipple pain and breastfeeding positions

Weaning and autonomy in the child

From the psychological point of view weaning is the first important moment of partial detachment and therefore of autonomy from the maternal figure. Here are some tips to guide your child towards the acquisition of independence, starting with the table.

Towards autonomy: from bottle to glass

Switching from the bottle to the glass, for each child, is an important step towards acquiring a new autonomy. Some advice to help you drink from the glass.

Towards autonomy

Weaning is a very delicate path, not only from a nutritional point of view: it is a first, important step towards autonomy.

Today we eat out!

A lunch outside the home, from the grandparents, to the restaurant: the first meals outside the home require an important organizational effort. Some advice to organize it and manage it better.

The corner of the baby food for weaning

The child will soon learn to associate the highchair with the time of feeding, so it is important to create a ritual to be respected at every meal.

Lunch is ready!

Preparing meals is a daily act of love. But finding the time for an accurate preparation is hard!

Growing up....tastefully!

Training children to taste, getting them to know a wide range of flavors, is essential for stimulating them to appreciate any kind of food.

The eating corner

The child will early learn to associate the high-chair with meals.

The dish, your trusted friend

Cutlery designed for weaning, colorful and joyful, will become the companions in this new experience.

From breast to spoon: apprehensions and conquests

This article is produced by the Association "Pollicino" of Italy.

Change diaper!

We choose the diaper change cream together

That annoying reddening

The baby's skin has different features from an adult's one, and requires specific care and attention. The area covered by the nappy is more prone to irritations and reddening.

Prepare the baby bath

The daily bath, especially in the first months of life, is a moment of pampering and relaxation for mum and baby.

Daily hygiene of the newborn

The daily hygiene of the newborn is important and requires a lot of attention and delicacy.

Cuddles to communicate

Cuddles and caresses are the first mean of affective communication between mum and her baby and strengthen their bond.

Communication: the importance of pampering

Tact is one of the most important senses that develops already in the embryonic phase. Cuddles and caresses, therefore, are the first means of affective communication between mother and child and strengthen their bond.

When his nose is stuffy

Freeing his nose from excess mucus ensures a regular breathing, a calm sleeping, relaxed attitude towards food

Summer yes, mosquitoes no!

How to protect your baby from those annoying companions of our summers.

in case of fever.....

Fever is the natural and useful defence of the immune system from aggressions of viruses and bacteria, but it can frighten parents....

Protect your baby's eyes from the sun's rays

Protecting your eyes from the sun's rays is good advice for anyone, but even more so for children.

Humidify yes, but how?

In winter, colds and coughs in children are almost inevitable, but we can try to contain them, even by monitoring the humidity in the home.

The air we breathe

To protect children from allergies and respiratory diseases, attention must be paid to the air that can be breathed even within the home. Some advice to ensure healthier air at home and in the children's room.

Saturday night fever!

The fever in the child arrives unexpected and unwelcome, especially the weekend, creating apprehension and difficulty of parents. Some advice to address it.

With the sun in your eyes

Children's eyes must always be protected from the sun. From the first years of life. Wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses of good quality: here are our tips.

Humidify? Yes. But how?

In winter colds and coughs in babies are almost inevitable but we can try to contain them, also by monitoring the dampness of the house.

Anti-mosquito for children

As long as the temperatures are warm, it is essential to protect the skin of the youngest from mosquitoes. Let's see how.

Always under control

Driven by their instinct of protecting their child, the parents would like to monitor him in any moment, even while he is sleeping.

The air we breathe

In order to protect our babies from allergies and respiratory diseases we must be careful with the air that is breathed even at home.

Go for a walk with the child

The daily walk is not a simple pastime but it is a source of stimuli and precious experiences for the child. Here's how to organize it to the fullest.

Walk in the open air

Being in the open air is good for the baby since the early days, even if for the new born baby. Just follow a few tricks to share pleasant walks of well-being.

Two is better than one

Carrying everything that is needed for children is tiring and demanding. Whenever possible, it is better to duplicate the accessories or choose to be easy to handle and light.

Lightweight stroller: how to choose the best

Ultra-compact closed, and comfortable in use. Find out how to choose the best light stroller for agile, fast and serene travel.

Let's go walking

His daily stroll is not a mere entertainment, but is a source of precious stimuli and experiences for the baby.

Why bring the baby into the baby carrier

Bringing the baby into the baby carrier allows close physical contact, positive for the parent, reassuring for the baby, rewarding for both.

A carrier to stay closer

The baby carrier allows a close physical contact, positive for the parent, reassuring for the baby, gratifying for both of them

Car seats

Why travel in the opposite direction?

How to transport a baby in a car

When traveling with an infant in the car, you need to follow some important precautions to ensure safe and peaceful trips.

Choose the baby seat

Some valuable advice to find the safest model for your child and best suited to your needs

Choose a seat for large children

(Groups 2/3). "Mom are great!" Advice and suggestions for choosing the right child seat from 3 years upwards

Children and car sickness

Movement sickness can create discomfort and malaise by car, train, ship, or even the playground. Some precautions to follow to avoid car sickness to children.

Chicco's advice for car safety

Protecting your child is one of the many ways to say 'I love you'!

Safe Sleep: 5 tips to sleep peacefully

Especially during the first months of life, some nurturing is necessary. Find out which ones!

Darkness or light?

Dark - light alternation helps the baby to reach the correct asleep/awake rhythm

A cradle to cuddle

In the first months of life, the cradle, small and cozy, is the ideal place for sleeping.

Close neighbors ...

Sleeping close to your child is recommended, but taking it to the Latvian is not safe for the child

Always together, but in the bouncer

In his small bouncer, the child begins his first sensory experiments, close to his mother.

I'm like you!

The children love to imitate the daily activities of mum and dad and put all their effort into it.

First games, first discoveries

Through play, the child improves his skills, learns and grows.

Bath and cuddles

The daily bath, especially during the first months, is a moment of cuddling and relax for both mum and baby.

Spoon, an unknown entity...

During weaning, the child must learn a new way to eat using tools that were previously unknown by him.

Travelling safe

Car seats should be always used, even for the shortest car ride.

At ease, regardless of the bump.

Small inconveniences caused by the increase in volume of breast and bump cannot be avoided during pregnancy.

For a relaxed feeding

In order to perform nursing in the best possible way, it is vital that the baby is attached to the breast in the correct way.

Not only breast

ven if the great advantages of breast feeding are well known, there are conditions in which mums are forced or prefer employ bottle feeding.

A bottle full of love

Even when bottle fed, the baby can feel his mum's contact and love, in the same way as breast feeding.

A little bit from breast, a little bit from the bottle

Sometimes integrating breast milk with formula milk may be required…

Sucking, what a consolation!

The benefits of the soother in the development of the small and some advice to use it in the right way.

Toys to stimulate movement

Getting used to the movement from an early age is fundamental to our children's future health.

The magic moment of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers innumerable benefits and benefits, not only from the nutritional point of view but also psychophysical and relational for mother and child. Let's see why.

A bottle full of love

Even if it is fed to the bottle, the baby can feel the contact and the love of the mother, as happens in breastfeeding.

Milk and Cuddles: affection makes you grow like food

The feeding is not only an instinctive need of the child but a precious moment of knowledge and communication between the mother and her baby. Some advice to better experience the moment of breastfeeding.

Sleeping with the bump

While they are approaching the end of their pregnancy, several women report sleep disorder.


Bonding is that special tie made of glances, contact and care that bonds a parent and the baby child right from the first moments after the birth.

Cot or child's bed?

There are a lot of parents wondering which is the ideal place for sleeping

A cot to cuddle him

During his first months, the cot, small and embracing, is the ideal place to sleep in.

Close together....

Sleeping close to your baby is advisable, but taking him in your bed is not safe for the baby

His Dummy, a precious ally

Sucking is a natural instinct. It allows the child to feed himself but it has also the function to comfort and calm him and contributes to the correct formation of both palate and mouth.

A very unwelcome back pain

When the bump begins to be heavy, the posture taken by the future mum can lead to an annoying bad ache.

Let's prepare the nest

When approaching the end of pregnancy, mum and dad feel instinctively the need to prepare the room and the environment in function of the baby.

The milk from the mother, even if she isn't there.

It is possible to keep on feeding the baby using the precious milk from his mother, even if she went back to work or she needs to leave the baby for a while.

Take care of yourself, despite the belly

Some advice to feel at ease and in balance with your body, to feel good and beautiful even during pregnancy.

Preventing back pain during pregnancy

When the belly begins to weigh, the posture taken by the future mother can cause a troublesome backache or backache of the pregnant woman, which affects the quality and duration of sleep and general well-being.

Organize a trip by car

Before departure, it is important to take care of some organizational aspects to better cope with a long car ride with your child.

Mum, look what I am able to do!

During his first months, each single daily discovery is a key element for the development of the baby.

Hurray we start, but in safety!

4 simple rules to follow in the use and installation of the car seat to ensure safe and peaceful travel.

It's bath time!

Playing during his bath is really amusing for our child and helps him to get acquainted with water.

Free to move

During his first months, the baby needs to experiment in maximum freedom his progressively evolving motor skills.

Setting off to conquer space!

Driven by his desire to explore his environment, the baby test his still hesitant motor skills...

Do you speak English, mammy?

In a global and multilingual world, many parents feel the need to teach their children a second language very early

Explaining the coronavirus to children

Useful information and advice for adults.

Things you can do with your Children at Home

Suggestions, ideas and games you can do at home while spending quality time with your children.

How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Tips to favour your baby’s sleep

Educational Playtime

Board games help children perfect their abilities and set the foundation for acquiring social skills.

Everything you need to know about the Cesarean section

Cesarean section is becoming increasingly widespread: is it preferable to natural childbirth? Find out with the advice from the experts at Chicco's Baby Research Center.

Baby Colic: Symptoms and Prevention |

Learn how to recognise the symptoms, to prevent and treat colic in babies thanks to the advice and remedies of the experts of the Chicco Baby Research Center.

How much sleep should a baby get?

Find out how much a baby has to sleep and why sleep is so important

Pregnancy, the first symptoms

Find out what the first symptoms of pregnancy are and how to manage with them


how to calculate when it will happen and the key symptoms

Baby wearing, a warm embrace that helps baby to grow

For newborns, close contact with the mother is a fundamental need, and helps promote emotional and cognitive development

How baby teeth grow

The first signs that your baby's teeth are growing

Your baby, from the first month of life to the third

How your little one changes in the first 3 months of life

Weight and length: knowing the size of the foetus

Length and weight, measuring the foetus

Preparing for the arrival of twins

How to get organised when you're expecting twins

Newborn breathing: how to recognise if your baby is breathing correctly

In newborns, breathing is an important factor in ensuring normal growth, right from the very first few months of life.

Choosing baby's name

How to choose the best name for your baby boy

Home Safety for Babies

How to avert the risk of accidents at home

Fitness and sport during pregnancy

The right advice for training and staying in shape when pregnant.

Diet when breastfeeding: food advice

The right diet is important during breastfeeding, to ensure the mother’s general well-being: tips and advice from the experts at Chicco’s Baby Research Center.

Clothing for Pregnancy: Choosing the Right Clothes |

"Clothing for pregnancy: how to choose maternity clothes. A guide for navigating maternity fashion and knowing how to choose the most suitable clothing during pregnancy. "

Baby Travel Checklist |

Before getting in the car, make sure you have everything you need to travel safely and ensure your baby’s well-being. Here’s a list that can help you travel with peace of mind.

Baby Shower: Ideas on How to Organise It |

Find out how to organise a baby shower with ideas from our experts.