Spoon, an unknown entity...

During weaning, the child must learn a new way to eat using tools that were previously unknown by him.


For example, an infant, who was used to eat by sucking milk, may experience a few difficulties in adapting to the spoon. It should be left at the disposal of the child even between meals to make it familiar, allowing him to bring it to his mouth and sucking it as he wishes. You can sometimes even administer water and chamomile from the same spoon, to help the little one understand this is the new way of eating.


Spoons for young children should be soft to ensure maximum gentleness on the gums, and have an anatomic handle for easy grip. The ideal size should be that of a teaspoon. It should never be full and must be brought to the baby's mouth after he has swallowed the previous bite. To help him, especially in the early phases of weaning, is should be inserted in the mouth to about the middle of the tongue. 

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