A carrier to stay closer

The use of the carrier allows a prolonged and regular physical contact between mother and son. This is positive for both of them, especially during the first few weeks, when mother and baby miss the intense relationship they had during pregnancy. So, if the baby was born on time and there are not fears for his health, the immediate use of the carrier amplifies the sensations of well being and contact between the baby and his reference figure, so important and gratifying for both of them. The influence of the use of the carrier on the mother has positive, immediate and durable effect on the mother. Keeping the baby at close contact for some hours every day favours the desire to care for the baby and improves the confidence on your ability to manage to understand and satisfy the need of the baby

For fathers, then the use of the carrier is wonderful opportunity to be in close contact with their baby and know each other. This experience produces positive effects on the father similar to those to the mother, because it is an unique and special intimate moment with their son, the early and prolonged contact with him is an important occasion to know him and to start a path of mutual exchange which will favour an early recognition of the father as significant figure and then the creation of the father-son bond.