A very unwelcome back pain

One of the disorders that can occur during pregnancy, affect the quality and duration of sleep and on the general well being of the future mum is “back ache” or lower back pain: it's a particularly frequent event between the 5th and 7th month, which affects over 50% of mothers-to-be.

25% of women sleep for a variable amount of time even after giving birth.


This pain is mainly caused by the increased weight localised in the abdomen area, which leads to forward displacement of the centre of gravity and a postural response of the head, shoulders, spine, and knees to balance backwards. These postural shifts increase the load on the spine, especially in the lumbar region, thereby causing lower back pain.

For relieving the heaviness of the tummy, specific underwear can be used for supporting the volumes and the back while pillows especially designed for pregnancy may relieve the discomfort while sleeping allowing a better rest.