Advanced Cup (266ml) (12m+) (Assorted - Pink/ Purple)

Chicco Advanced Cup been designed to gradually develop the child's ability to drink through a straw. At 12 months of age, the child achieves co-ordination between swallowing and breathing during drinking and also starts learning how to adjust liquid flowing in his mouth.

Recommended Age: 12 Months+


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  • Chicco Advanced Cups is a perfect solution for active toddlers developing their ability to drink with a straw after he has completed his first twelve months. The unique design of the Advanced Cup allows the child to hold the cup in his grip without spilling. In addition, it is designed in such a way that helps in correct positioning of the child's lips, making it a practical solution to ensure easy drinking for the child.

    Product Features:
    ●    The ergonomic shape & design of the spout is positioned to ensure proper comfort while drinking:
    The Advanced Cup by Chicco is a great solution from Chicco for babies to help them drink comfortably. The cup allows the child to effortlessly grip the cup through its non-slip design and learn to drink with a straw. Chicco Advanced Cups have an easy-sip straw spout that is gentle on child’s gums yet bite proof. It allows the child to position his mouth in "O" shape and learn how to drink from a straw

    ●    Shape and Position of the Spout:
    The rounded shape straw favours the correct positioning of the lips and its placement at the edge of the cup facilitates the correct posture of the neck during drinking. Chicco Advanced Cup is a simple design providing ease of drinking for babies.

    ●    Prevent spillage: 
    The innovative and patented removable Easy Sipping valve, guarantees spill-proof drinking without compromising the child's ability to drink and ensures that his clothes are not soiled. The Advanced Cup is 100% spill-proof, allowing the child to drink with ease with and without a valve.

    ●    BPA Free:
    The Chicco Advanced Cup is made of BPA Free material for maximum safety & hygiene

    Product description:
    In the stages of growing up, when the child is introduced to new eating and drinking habits, it brings along the responsibility for the child's parents to teach them how to eat and drink properly. Here an Advanced Cup designed by Chicco comes into play. Chicco Advanced Cup makes a perfect choice for parents. Its simple removable sipping valve is easy to remove and put back together on the cup's body, ensuring that the cup can be carried and cleaned easily without any hassle. In addition, with its innovative design, it is made 100% spill-proof, providing ease of drinking for the babies.

    Consumer benefit:
    ●    Bite resistant and rounded spout that mimics the first approach with the straw allowing the child to position the mouth in an "O" shape.
    ●    Advanced Cup favours the correct positioning of the lips and its off-centre spout facilitates the correct posture of the neck during drinking.
    ●    Chicco Advanced Cup is designed with an innovative spill-proof technique while making it simple and easy to carry in the bag for both child and parents.
    ●    The Advanced Cup makes a perfect size fit for babies for drinking and carrying along anywhere.

    Good to know:
    Chicco Advanced Cup is an ideal way to teach the child to drink from a straw as an initial trainer of the child, assisting him in learning proper drinking habits. Towards completion of his first 12 months, the child learns co-ordination between swallowing and breathing during drinking and also starts learning how to adjust liquid flowing in his mouth. 
    During this stage, the child needs an appropriately shaped product to help him drink effortlessly while ensuring correct positioning for the child's lips, allowing easy liquid flow in his mouth.
    Proper drinking ensures that the child gains all the nutritional values through the liquid intake in the correct form and the appropriate manner. 

    Chicco Sippy cups for babies have been specifically designed, keeping in mind the needs of the young ones across different developmental milestones or age groups. All Chicco Cups/baby sippers have been ergonomically designed to help the baby's gradual transition from sucking to drinking, stimulating him to develop new skills and respecting his abilities and preferences. These baby cups from Chicco are available in beautiful decorations, are 100% spill-proof that make drinking more accessible and fun.

●    Colour - Available in two colours - Pink or Purple Assorted, Blue or Green Assorted
●    Capacity - 266 ml
●    Recommended age - 12 months + 
●    BPA - BPA Free in accordance with the legislation in force
●    Comes with Spill-proof System
●    Dishwasher Safe – Yes (Only Delicate Cycle)

Country of Origin: China

●    Please read all the instructions and warnings printed on the label carefully before using the product. 

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