Always together, but in the bouncer

The bouncer is a very important ally for the mother, because it allows you to always have the child next to you even during domestic activities. Being always with the mother, sitting in her bouncer, is equally useful for the child.

In this way, in fact, the child can always count on the positive stimuli that come from the exchange of looks and smiles and the words that the mother addresses to him. The small responds to these stimuli with the first simple attempts to communicate.

Easily transportable

A big advantage of the bouncer is that it can be easily transported from one room to another, comfortable and safe, it is ideal for keeping the baby close to, right from the first weeks.

When to start using the bouncer

The bouncer can be used from the first weeks of life. If completely reclined, in fact, allows the newborn to keep the position lying down, while the special reducers are a guarantee of safety and offer a sense of protection. When the child grows, the baby bouncer can be set to the semi-seated position, giving the child a new vantage point of the surrounding environment and accompanying the fast development of the senses that characterizes the first months of life.

So many stimuli, in a single session

Precisely to favor its initial sensory experiments, the baby bouncer can be equipped with games and accessories suitable for each phase of its growth. For the first weeks there are in fact the shapes and colors to be observed and listening to music and sounds, while after three / four months, when the puppy is starting to coordinate the movements of the hands and arms, the accessories hanging from the bar Above are perfect for his first tactile experiences.