Anti-mosquito for children

Not only in the summer, but also in the mild months, we live with our family many more hours of our days away from home. So we find ourselves having to equip ourselves with everything necessary to be outdoors with our baby (bottle of water, sun hat, snack etc.).

Before closing the door, however, do not forget to put in the bag a specific anti-mosquito product for children. The reason? In children, especially, the bites are not only annoying, but they can provoke important irritative and allergic reactions with extended and long-lasting skin rashes.

Ready for any event

Two are the main preventive tools that the World Health Organization suggests to protect us from insects: the control of the environment and the use of repellents. In the case of anti-mosquito products for children it is important that the formulation is specific for children.

That's why we must equip ourselves with anti-mosquito spray for children or anti-mosquito wipes, to spend so serene moments of leisure and play with our children. The anti-mosquito spray is a light water-based emulsion fluid, also available in a top-down position for ease of use and can be used at any time of the day. The wipes are very practical to keep in the bag and protect the child with a quick and effective gesture.

Technology also comes to our aid: ideal for outdoor living are portable, portable ultrasonic mosquito repellant devices that hook onto the pram or pushchair with a practical clip. And once back home? We can continue to protect the baby's skin with anti-mosquito spray that combines repellent action with soothing action.

Preventing bites

Here are 5 practical tips suitable for the whole family, with particular attention to the little ones, useful both when we are at home and outside:

  1. Apply a light coat of mosquito repellent to the skin (whether it be the spray or the practical towel), avoiding contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes;
  2. Use mosquito nets with a tight weave on the bed or on the wheelchair where the child sleeps;
  3. Avoid leaving underfilled containers full of standing water on terrace, garden or windowsill in order not to attract unwanted insects into the home;
  4. Limit the use of perfumes or deodorants with an intense odor that could attract mosquitoes;
  5. Avoid wearing very colorful and shiny clothes; use sweaters with long sleeves, long pants, socks and closed shoes, especially for walks in the countryside or wherever the grass is high.

Let us not be caught unprepared and organize ourselves to protect us and our family from the feared mosquitoes!