Baby travel checklist: what you need to remember.


In the car

●       A car seat that matches their size

●       A breathable cover for the car seat if it’s hot

●       An ergonomic sleeping cushion

●       Sunshades

●       Storage on the back of the seat for their toys

●       Cleansing wipes

●       Wipes for cleaning the soother

●       The stroller or baby carrier

●       Their soother with its holder

●       A spare babygro

●       Their toys

If you stop for a nappy change…

●       Sanitising wipes

●       Nappy cream

●       Umbilical cord dressing products (if necessary)

●       A towel for the changing mat

●       Enough nappies

…or for them to eat

●       A bib (disposable ones are ideal)

●       The feeding bottle, already prepared with the right amount of milk (if you don’t breastfeed)

●       The travel bottle warmer

●       A feeding bottle or ergonomic cup for water (for bigger children)

●       A bottle of still water

●       A portable seat for the table or booster seat if baby has already started on solid food

●       The travel set with plastic plate and cutlery

●       Their toothbrush and toothpaste