Breastfeeding problems

At the time of the first feeding it is normal to feel pain when your baby latches to your breast and sucks your milk. After a few minutes, the nipple pain should ease until it disappears. What if the pain doesn't go away? What's best? These are the most common questions of new mothers, especially if they are first-time mums. Most of the time you just have to change your position or the child's.


Breastfeeding positions: mum's choice...

First of all, it is important that the mother's position is comfortable. When sitting, make sure your back is upright and well supported, place your feet on a stool, use a breastfeeding pillow to keep your baby up to your breast. If you are nursing while lying down - you can do it, it is not incorrect - put yourself comfortably on your side and help yourself the first times with a pillow under your head and shoulder. 


...and the baby's

When breastfeeding, you can hold your baby in many ways. To avoid problems, the important thing is to maintain a breastfeeding position that allows the baby to be close to you, with his face in front of the breast and with his head, shoulders and body aligned. His nose and upper lip must be in front of the nipple. Make sure that the baby can easily reach the breast without needing to stretch or turn around. Finally, always remember that it must be your baby who approaches the breast and not the other way around.


When the baby is latched well, the nipple pain goes away

Watch your baby while it breast-feeds: the baby is quiet, his mouth is well open and "filled" by the breast, the lower lip is turned out, the tongue is leaning against the breast, and the suctions vary from short movements to other longer and deeper ones, interspersed with pauses. It means the baby is latched correctly. The feeling of mild nipple pain that you still feel will soon tend to go away. In addition, between feeds you can help alleviate breast and nipple pain with specific products for breastfeeding .

Follow these tips to breastfeed without pain and problems, and enjoy the unique and special moment of breastfeeding to the fullest.