Maternity dresses for a new body shape

Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, your body changes and your tummy starts to grow: mums-to-be now need to think about maternity clothes, which are comfy and practical but also in step with fashion and still fit in with your own style and needs, so you can look after yourself during pregnancy. There is now a huge number of options for expectant mothers on the market.

Comfort and quality first

Whether you prefer skirts or trousers, dresses or tracksuits, it’s always important for maternity clothing to be made of natural fabrics and comfortable most of all. Blood flow slows during pregnancy and you’re more likely to suffer from swelling and water retention in your legs. That makes it advisable to cut out constrictive clothes and accessories like tight belts, buckles and ties and favour loose cotton or jersey clothing that can be adjusted at the waist. Maternity jeans are a great solution for most modern new mums.

Cotton and natural fabric for underwear

Contact with particularly sensitive private parts dictates particular care. A pregnant woman’s skin is very delicate and at risk of irritation, so synthetic underwear that can promote irritation and allergies is discouraged. Maternal swimming costumes and knickers are therefore always made of cotton to avoid vaginal infections. The same applies to nightgowns and pyjamas.

Best to wait for high heels and ballerina flats

Shoes are essential for completing your outfit and making your clothes stand out during pregnancy. That’s another choice that requires a certain degree of attention. In pregnancy, woman are at greater risk of falling and sprains due to looser ligaments. That makes it better to avoid overly high and narrow heels, which above all prevent correct foot positioning, helping to promote cramp and swelling. A shoe with the right size, medium heel and wide sole holds the foot without squeezing it and makes walking more stable, offering the right support for heel and calf.