Communication: the importance of pampering

In the first months of life, through the tactile exploration of one's body and, above all, the caresses and the daily contact with the mother, the child begins to become aware of his body reality.But besides being an instrument of physical perception, the tact also plays an important role in the sphere of emotional relationships.

The importance of touch in the bond between mother and child

The ability of the skin of a newborn to perceive the sensory stimuli and all their emotional meanings is truly exceptional, and also thanks to the skin-to-skin contact with the mother creates that unique union between mother and child.

The newborn loves to be caressed and hugged

We must not therefore be afraid to cuddle too much, cuddling for a newborn is not a vice, but a reassurance of which it absolutely needs.

Infant massage to communicate with the baby

A useful and stimulating experience, as well as exciting, to communicate with your child and facilitate its experimentation of the outside world is certainly represented by the infant massage.

It is an ancient tradition present in many cultures where it is considered the non-verbal language more accessible to a newborn, as well as a way to identify its physical and emotional needs early and to establish a special and at the same time indissoluble relationship with him.