Daily hygiene of the newborn

For many parents taking care of the child's daily hygiene, especially in the first days of life, creates a bit of apprehension. Just follow a few tricks to turn everyday hygiene into a pleasant and peaceful moment. The most appropriate time is after the bath, when the baby is relaxed and calm.

How to clean the baby's ears

The ears should be cleaned frequently, even several times a week, using a wadded stick, preferably with safety protection. Let's limit ourselves to cleaning only the external part, at the level of the auricle.

How to clean the child's eyes

The eyes can be cleaned with a sterile garzina soaked in physiological solution.

How and when to cut nails to the child

The nails should be cut often, to prevent the child from being scratched. It is good to use the appropriate scissors, with rounded tips or limes. The nails of both feet and hands should be cut straight to avoid incarnation. The operation of nail cutting can be complicated, better to do this when the baby is relaxed or while sleeping.

How to clean the baby's nose

Even the nose requires special attention because a nose free to breathe encourages a quiet feed and a peaceful sleep. It is good to have some physiological solution to gently wash the nostrils one after the other.

Oral hygiene , when to start

To complete the daily hygiene of the child you should not forget the oral hygiene, even if the child is very small and the teeth are not yet popped. We can cleanse the gums after feeding with the specific gingival gel that sanitizes the baby's mouth.