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Electric Toothbrush (Pink) (3-6Yrs)

Starts from 3 to 6 years of babies. The Chicco electric toothbrush helps you take care of the child's oral care while they enjoy brushing their teeth.

Recommended Age: 3 Year+


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  • The thinner bristles of the electric toothbrush ensure the complete safety of the oral care of the baby's mouth. In addition, it helps in removing plaque and germs more easily from the teeth of the baby. 

    Product Features-
    ●    Tapered technology bristles: 
    1.    Bristles are much thinner than any traditional bristles acting like a "Feather effect" on a baby's milk teeth. 
    2.    These feather-like thin bristles are more effective in reaching untouched areas in the baby's mouth. 
    3.    Because they are ultra-thin, they are more effective in the removal of plaque and food residues. 
    ●    Long-lasting battery: The Chicco electric toothbrush has a long-life battery included with the toothbrush. 
    ●    10000 Vibration/Min: Automatic cleaning of gums and teeth with more vibrations designed for superior and effective cleaning performance are provided in the toothbrush. 
    ●    Extra bristles set included: Efficient and long-lasting cleaning of teeth with one different set of tapered bristles. 

    Product Description- 
    Electric toothbrushes effectively and safely care for babies ' gums and milk teeth with very soft Tapered technology bristles. 
    ●    The kid's electric toothbrush is a battery-powered toothbrush with a gentle vibrating brush head. 
    ●    These are available with tapered technology bristles with ultra-fine ends 
    ●    The vibrating brush head, combined with the intelligent technology bristles, has delicate enamel and sensitive gums. 
    ●    Thanks to more accessible access to free gingival spaces, the hair effectively removes plaques than conventional bristles. 

    Consumer benefits:
    ●    There is a Replacement brush head included in the pack.
    ●    A replaceable battery slot is provided with the electric toothbrush. 

    ●    Also, the grip of the toothbrush is excellent. The child can easily hold the toothbrush to brush their teeth. 
    ●    The bristles are soft and delicate, responsible for cleaning the baby's mouth more effectively than a regular toothbrush. 

    The Chicco electric toothbrush is recommended for the child of the age of three years and above. 

    Good to know:
    As we all know that oral health hygiene is essential for everyone, Parents should teach their children how to brush their teeth from an early age if possible. If oral health is not taken care of, it can cause tooth decay, cavities, etc. It is a challenging task for the parent to teach their child how to brush their teeth. The baby electric toothbrush is a solution for all parents who want their child to brush their teeth independently. 

    These toothbrushes are known for their advanced cleaning. The Chicco electric toothbrush is entirely safe for kids. It takes all the proactive measures and is designed especially for the kids. The unique design of the toothbrush attracts the children to brush their teeth. 
    The Chicco electric toothbrush provides a deep cleaning to the mouth. The toothbrush is waterproof and is made with safety measures. Also, you get an extra head with the Electric toothbrush. 

    The Chicco toothbrush has undergone a lot of testing to make it suitable for the little ones. For many years, Chicco has been providing products that are best suited for the child. All the products we sell have a uniqueness that makes our product different. Chicco is a company that many parents have trusted for their babies. Whether it be a new-born baby or a grown-up child, Chicco has consequences for all. We are the favourite brands of all the mothers out there for a reason. We know that the journey of parenting is a bit tough. 
    To make your journey fun and interesting, we are here to guide you with the best products as a solution to all your problems. 

    It gives us immense pleasure when the parents make us a part of their beautiful journey. We love to take care of your children. Have faith in the quality we provide to you because we test the products from all aspects before supplying them. Visit Chicco's website to get more products and enjoy your journey as a parent. Create and enjoy little moments with your babies while we are here to take care of your every need as a parent.

    Care & Maintenance
    ●    Brushing teeth is important because as the child becomes three to four years of age, he/she learns to eat. So, brushing teeth is required to keep the oral care of the child. 
    ●    Brushing teeth helps to improve the shining of the teeth. The plaque that gets stuck to the baby's teeth gets cleared, and the teeth look shinier. 
    ●    Giving a message to the gums makes them strong and prevents the child's mouth from tooth decay. 

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