First games, first discoveries

In the second half of his life, your baby makes great progress. It is a satisfaction to see him sitting without support, who watches his games carefully and activates himself to touch them, to grasp them and then bring them to his mouth to explore them.

But not only, day after day learn to coordinate even the most precise movements, try to shake objects, hear if they make noise, understand how to press, open and close the parts of a toy. After 9 months he learns to grasp with his thumb and forefinger, managing to manipulate buttons, wheels and keys with ever greater precision. It is nice to observe his satisfaction when he realizes that the object responds to his gesture. His little face lights up when, by pressing a button or moving a lever, a light comes on, he hears his favorite song or when, pushing a toy, he rolls away jangling. Trying to reach it is an irresistible temptation!

The game as a stimulus and growth

His curiosity and his desire to experiment with new situations is inexhaustible; His attention is now more and more attracted to the adult world and their daily gestures. Like mom and dad, she would like to talk on the phone, listen to the radio or take a picture. Let's provide them with toys full of stimuli and activities, suitable for this phase of its development. We will see him committed to coordinate his movements, to understand the different functions of the toy to try, try again, succeed.

Just the gratification for having made it will encourage him to undertake more demanding activities and push him towards new discoveries, fundamental for his growth.