A bottle full of love

Considering that nursing may require from a few minutes up to half an hour, it is advisable that the mum is seated in a calm place and finds the most comfortable position both for her and for her baby.


Keeping the baby in a horizontal position turned towards the mother's body, belly to belly, with his nose close to the nipple. It might be convenient to use a breastfeeding pillow that to place the baby at the right height and helps the mother sit in a comfortable position, supporting her back and arms.


Now move your little will open his mouth and will be ready to latch on and start sucking.

To prevent the possibility of irritated or cracked nipples, it should be verified that the mouth is wide open and both the nipple and part of the areola are in the mouth, with the nose and chin touching the breast.


The little one will start sucking quickly to stimulate the release of the milk, then gradually his pace will become slower and deeper. At this point the feeding is well underway.