How to transport a baby in a car

Already from the first trip back home from the hospital, there is a need to transport the baby in the car. It is important, therefore, to organize themselves to equip their cars with the most suitable transport device that can guarantee comfort and safety for children, at every stage of their growth.

Why choose the carrycot for the transport of newborns

For infants, as an alternative to child seats, it is possible to use special safety boats that represent the most suitable transport system for children, because they allow them to be kept in a horizontal position.

Better lying down than sitting seeds

Newborns in the first weeks of life, especially those of low weight, still have a weak musculoskeletal structure and do not control the head. For this reason, a semi-sitting position can cause incorrect posture in the child who, not being able to sustain himself, collapses into the seat. This can hinder breathing while the head, not well contained, tends to be excessively mobile. To avoid it, it is recommended to transport children in the car in the special shuttle that guarantees the position lying down.

How to install the baby carrier

The carrycots for the transport of babies in cars must be mounted transversely to the direction of travel, must be fixed to the car with appropriate installation kit approved, without which the spacecraft can not be used in the car. The child is bound to the spacecraft thanks to an abdominal belt or special belts with 3 anchor points. One last important advice for transporting children in cars: the airbag must be deactivated.