Humidify yes, but how?

In the rooms of the house where children spend their days, especially in winter, the clean air but also the controlled temperature and humidity protect children from allergies and various respiratory diseases and improve the quality of their lives in everyday life.

When the air is too dry due to radiators, for example, or the baby is suffering from a dry cough, it is good to increase the relative humidity of the environment through a humidifier, in order to prevent dryness of the airway mucosa and make them less susceptible to infections. If your child is allergic and suffers from asthma, however, moisture levels should be kept lower.

But which humidifier to choose? Chicco presents Respira Sano, the new range of humidifiers that can meet all the different needs.

A hot humidifier, bringing the water to a boil, delivers a vapor free of bacteria and mold. It is particularly indicated in cases of cooling diseases because it hydrates the mucous membranes, helps to dissolve the mucus and helps the baby to breathe better.

The cold steam humidifier, on the other hand, based on ultrasound technology, does not heat the environment and is therefore particularly suitable for small houses or with high and non-adjustable temperatures. It is also an excellent solution for geographical areas where the climate is very dry in summer. It is also silent and does not disturb the bed. It is safe for daytime use if there are older children in the house who could accidentally touch it.

A warm steam humidifier has a combined hot/cold technology: the steam generated by boiling water is cooled by an internal ventilation system before being dispensed.

It does not heat the room but manages to spread the steam throughout the room, so it is an ideal solution for every season, for every geographical area and for every type of home.