It's bath time!

When the baby, after the first months is capable to sit upright, bath time becomes a further occasion for playing and having fun. For almost any baby water is a fascinating and irresistible element where splashing about and kicking, at last free from clothes and nappy. It's wonderful to see your baby smiling while he pats his chubby hands on the water, splashing it everywhere.



For amusing him even more and....avoid a minor flood in your bathroom, we can propose to them some toys to be used in water, especially designed for bath time and rich in stimuli and activities. They float, move responding to simple commands, spray water, make bubbles. These figures with their funny expression offer to the baby the occasion to learn how to handle objects also in a liquid element, making different and funny experiences and learning to know this unusual environment as well. For a more grand baby, bath toys are an excellent pleasant occasion for getting acquainted with water.


We too can take part in his playing, without never leaving him alone in the tub and, why not, let's take some pictures for catching the gestures and the cutest expression of our baby while he is having his bath, a joyful moment that cannot be missing from the picture album of his finest moments...