Milk and Cuddles: affection makes you grow like food

In addition to providing the best food for the newborn, breastfeeding is the natural extension of the deep bond established during pregnancy between the mother and her child. In these moments the child receives love and security, emotions necessary for his psychophysical development, and facilitates the establishment of a harmony that is at the same time nutrition and transmission of affection and pampering. Here are some tips to better live the moment of breastfeeding.

1. Cut out a parenthesis of tranquility

The moment of breastfeeding must be experienced calmly, quietly, following the natural rhythm of the child and enjoying every emotion of this magical contact. If possible, it is better to avoid background confusion or disturbing elements.

2. Choose a cozy and quiet place

Especially during the first few weeks, the most delicate ones in which you begin to become familiar with this experience which, day by day, will become more and more natural, it is important to choose a cozy and quiet place for breastfeeding.

3. Find a comfortable position

To live serenely the moment of breastfeeding it is important to find a comfortable and comfortable position, with relaxed back and shoulders, to support the baby without effort. Even the baby needs the best conditions for a happy feeding, especially because the correct breast attack is the first premise of a good breastfeeding. For this reason the baby must be kept at the right height with respect to the breast , with the body well aligned, belly against the stomach towards the mother.

4. Help yourself with a pillow

To ensure a comfortable position for mum and baby during lactation, you can use the breastfeeding cushions, designed to help the mother maintain a comfortable position, reducing muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. Moreover, these cushions provide the child with the right support, helping him to attach himself to the breast correctly and avoiding annoying tractions of the mother's breast.