Mum, look what I am able to do!

After two months, the baby can keep his head nice and straight and can observe more easily the surrounding environment. We can alternate moments in which we hold the baby in our arms while discovering the house with other in which we keep him close to us on the bouncer chair to observe the activities of his mum, with event more moments in which we leave him free to Toddle, touch, grasp using a pad or a baby gym.


Such experiences are vital for his development. We'll see at first the baby observing the colorful hanging toys of his gym spending more and more attention, try to hit them and then manage to grasp them with his hands: at last he is able to coordinate sight with movement, he learned to guide his hands to touch the object he is looking at.


He may try to hit the hanging toys using his feet, in full freedom, experimenting his motor coordination and unleashing all his needs for movement and knowledge.


But not only that, if the object responds to his touch with a sound a light, a strange material to touch, the baby will make a fundamental discovery: in fact we'll see him, at the beginning, randomly hit the objects, then , gratified by the obtained effect, he will intentionally try again more and more times, more and more accurately, happy to hear that sound or see that light again. That's what he will have understood, that to each action there is a corresponding reaction, to each cause an effect.


Let's provide him with the right stimuli, the suitable toys for this development stage. Let's always remember that playing is not a mere entertainment, it is actually the ""job"" of the baby, and each single playing experience is a growing experience.