Organize a trip by car

To reach a holiday destination or to visit a distant relative, you may need to tackle long car trips with your child. It is important to get organized in the best way, to turn the move into a pleasant moment to share and not to suffer.

Child seat installed and sunshades

Safety, of course, is always the first thing. Before leaving, it is important to ensure that the seat is installed correctly and that the windows are darkened with sunshades to protect the child from the sun's rays.

Games, books and entertainment

Especially if the journey is long, it is good to bring games with which the child can entertain himself. It is better to avoid cartoons on tablets or smartphones to avoid the unpleasant consequences of car sickness. If a parent is not engaged in the guide, he can take advantage of reading and illustrating a fairy tale to the child, transforming the times of the move into a bracket of comparison and sharing.

Reasoned and obliged stops

Before leaving, it is important to plan stops to break the journey, to get some fresh air and stretch a bit. However, it is better to avoid consuming heavy foods and carbonated drinks, especially if there is still a long way to go. In addition to reasoned stops, the mandatory ones may be necessary. If the child gets too nervous and cries, in fact, you should never take him up. It is possible to try to calm it, keeping it always secured to the seat, and wait for the first opportunity to be able to stop in safety. Once you get off (always going on the side of the sidewalk) you can better interpret the needs of the child, cuddle and calm it, before going back in the car.

Smart departures

Even more so if you are traveling with a child, it is important to plan smart starts. Better to avoid, if possible, the days from the red stamp but also the hottest times of the day. It is a good precaution to choose to leave in the evening or during the time of the baby's nap to allow them to rest and recharge their energy, essential for many new adventures, to be experienced as soon as they arrive at their destination. It is better to avoid starting immediately after the awakening of the child, when you want to play and not spend too much time sitting in the car.