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Perfect 5 Feeding Bottle 150ml Pink - Slow Flow

The BIOFUNCTIONAL chicco feeding bottle that senses and adapts to the sucking rhythm of every baby

Recommended Age: 0m+


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Perfect 5 feeding bottle has an innovative intui-flowTM system: the combined action of the physio teat and the Equilibrium membrane that naturally adapts to the rhythm and sucking intensity of each child. The physio teat of bottle is designed to closely mimic the mother’s nipple, the symmetrical, elongated, and flattened shape of the Physio teat fits perfectly to the baby’s mouth and provides baby a natural feeding experience.

Chicco's range of bottles is perfect for growing babies. The slow-flow nipple is ideal for a new-born baby. Chicco Perfect5 feeding bottles are readily accepted by babies.

Product Features:

●    Bio-functional Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle: The Chicco Perfect5 Feeding Bottle 150ml senses the needs of every baby and adapts immediately and continuously to the sucking pattern of each baby, offering anti-colic effect and maximum comfort while feeding. 
●    The Chicco Feeding Bottle offers 5 Benefits in 1 Bottle: The Perfect 5 feeding bottle has been designed to prevent air ingestion, adapt to the baby’s natural sucking rhythm, ensures perfect latch, provides mother like feeling and maximum hygiene. 
●    Equilibrium Membrane for Anti-Colic Effect (Air free feeding): Chicco Perfect 5 comes with a unique anti-colic valve known as equilibrium membrane. This valve at the base of the bottle allows the air to enter the bottle, without mixing with the milk, thus preventing the formation of vacuum and enables smooth and continuous feeding, with no interruption.
●    Exclusive Intui-flowTM System: The combined action of the Equilibrium membrane and the physio teat (nipple) promotes an intuitive feeding, thus naturally adapts to the sucking force and feeding style of each baby which is unique.
●    Physio Teat (nipple) for Perfect Latch: The symmetrical and flattened shape of the physio teat is inspired by the shape of mother’s nipple allowing the baby to follow his natural sucking movement. 
●    For the baby’s maximum comfort, the Physio teat is made of soft silicone material that gives a velvety and pleasant feel while sucking. And the bottle’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and grip even by baby’s tiny hands.
●    Safety Checked:  Made of high-quality BPA free polypropylene material, Chicco Perfect 5 Feeding bottle ensures maximum protection for babies.
●    Easy Cleaning for Maximum Hygiene: The Un-screwable base lets you easily disassemble the bottle for quick and proper cleaning of every part.

Product Description:

The food requirements, the rhythm and the intensity of the sucking are unique to each child and vary at every moment of the day. PERFECT 5 is the Chicco feeding bottle that adapts naturally to the needs of the child. A revolution in the anti-colic world which, thanks to the combination of the exclusive Physio teat and the innovative Equilibrium Membrane, supports the baby's physiological rhythm and intensity, helping to prevent air ingestion and thereby colic.

The Chicco PERFECT 5 biofunctional bottle allows regular and continuous milk flow letting the baby have a completely natural feeding experience. Thanks to the soft silicone teat with Soft Sense finish and the flexibility of the Equilibrium Membrane valve which, with micro-movements, adapts to the intensity of the baby's sucking


●    Continuous Milk flow and prevents Colic: A constant flow favours the physiological and psychological well-being of the baby, as well as counter-acting the phenomenon of colic, ensuring a reduced intake of air during feeding. 
●    Perfect and natural Latch: The baby latches onto the nipple correctly and no vacuum is created inside the bottle during sucking , thanks to its equilibrium membrane.
●    Natural Movement of the child’s tongue: The pre-shaped, symmetrical, flat and elongated silicone teat favours the attachment and natural movement of the child’s tongue.
●    The Physio teat is accepted by 98% of the babies.
●    Feeding without interruptions: The equilibrium membrane situated at the base of the bottle acts as a flexible and dynamic anti-colic valve that provides a personalized response to different sucking intensities, continuously adapting the amount of air entering the bottle according to the baby’s sucking force.
●    Perfect 5 feeding bottle from Chicco guarantees regular and relaxed nutrition according to 96% of mothers. It reduces the cases of reflux , irritability and colic and supports baby feeding by helping to avoid air ingestion.

Maintenance and hygiene of  feeding bottle:

It is very important that parents ensure cleanliness and hygiene of baby’s feeding bottle. Some important points are shared below as guidance.

•    Always use this product under the supervision of an adult. Clean the feeding bottle and its parts before first use.
•    Carefully inspect the teat before each use, by pulling its tip in all directions. Do not use it and replace it immediately if there are signs of wear and tear or damage.
•    It is recommended to replace teats at least every two months, or earlier if there are signs of wear and tear, swelling, changes in colour or if it becomes sticky.
•    Disassemble all the parts of the feeding bottle before washing.
•    Before using the product, wash all the parts (especially the teat) by hand using standard washing liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or aggressive products. Then place the feeding bottle with all its parts, into boiling water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool down before use.
•    As soon as you have finished using the feeding bottle, wash it along with all its parts using standard washing liquid. Do not turn the teat inside out to clean it as this may damage it. Use a teat brush making sure you do not damage the teat valve or the hole through which the milk flows.
•    All Chicco feeding bottles can be disinfected using cold methods, i.e. with specific liquid disinfectants; by using hot methods (with steam provided by electric disinfection devices or disinfection devices that are used in standard or microwave ovens) or traditional 5 minute boiling on the stove.
•    Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly before handling the feeding bottle and its various parts after disinfection has been completed.

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Generic Name: Plastic Feeding Bottle
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: italy
Dimensions(in mm): L:75 x W:75 x H:155
Gross Weight (in gm): 138

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully provided within the feeding bottle mono-carton and keep it with you for future reference.
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