Saturday night fever!

Perhaps also because of the fatigue accumulated during the week in the nursery or nursery school, children almost always get sick over the weekend by sending up their family projects. But, needless to take it, it is worth to resign itself to Saturday night fever and try to manage it to the fullest.

Eye to the symptoms and thermometer in hand

Shiny eyes, red face, warm forehead, restlessness and widespread malaise. These are the first symptoms that predict the arrival of the dreaded fever in children. First of all it is important to quantify the actual increase in temperature, therefore, no panic and thermometer in hand!

Do not lower the fever at all costs!

First of all we must remember that it is not necessary to lower the fever at all costs. Fever is not a disease, but the useful reaction of the immune system to the presence of an infection. For this reason only if the temperature is above 38 - 38.5 ° it will be necessary to resort to antipyretics, after consulting the pediatrician and avoiding do-it-yourself initiatives.

Constant monitoring

In order to intervene adequately, it is important to frequently monitor the course of the fever during the day, an operation that is not always easy if, as often happens, the small protest does not stand still, does not cooperate. You can resort to an infrared thermometer that accurately detects temperature, simply approached or placed on the child's forehead or temple, in a very short time, without bothering it or even while it is sleeping.