Setting off to conquer space!

Our little one is growing, his physical structure is gaining strength and his ability to coordinate his movements is becoming more and more safe: the baby starts moving in his environment crawling or employing his peculiar moving techniques. Later, approaching his first birthday, the most awaited moment arrives: his first, hesitant steps standing on his own.


This is a great achievement for him, it is one first form or independence that allows him to move independently to explore rooms and to discover object that previously were out of his reach. His progresses fill him of satisfaction and drive him to try always new experiences. He can reach tables and home furniture at last, he can tackle, dear me, thrilling climbs on sofas, chairs and pillows.

All these attempts, sometimes successful, sometimes not, develop not only his motor coordination and his balance, but also the sense of safety, the self confidence and make him feel "grown up".


Let's do not forget that each baby has his own development times, motor as well, which have to be respected, without any comparison or fear. But, we can offer to our little one the possibility to "train" these motor skills through toys studied just to follow his progress. Ride-on toys to move at home or in the garden, firstly with some help from the mum , then more and more autonomously. These are toys that the baby can push, ride or use as a support for his first steps, possibly bringing in a "secret hideaway" his favorite objects which will always follow him, setting off to conquer space.....