Sleeping with the bump

Sleeping well during pregnancy is vital for the well being of a future mum, but, frequently, some of the disorders, such as the frequent urination stimulus, the baby who moves more and more, hormonal changes and above all the frequent back pains affect sleep. During the last three months, more than 75% of women suffers from sleep disorders and needs to nap even during the day.


Finding a comfortable position for favouring the rest is then important. From a scientific point of view, the recommended sleeping position is on one side, preferably on the left side, with slightly bent knees. This position reduces swelling and water retention, thereby preventing the weight of the foetus from pressing against internal organs and blood vessels. Using a pillow specifically designed to fully support pregnant women's bodies, helps prevent back pain, whilst promoting the side sleeping position, thereby improving the quality of sleep. In fact, supporting both knees and ankles promotes the correct alignment with the hips and helps prevent pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, ensuring full comfort.