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Soft Silicone Spoon Bi-pack 6m+

Chicco Soft Silicone Spoon to feed the baby gently in Blue (Bi Pack)

Recommended Age: 6m+

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The soft Chicco Silicone spoon for babies is ideal for starting weaning. It allows you to feed the baby most simply and correctly. Make the mealtime happier and enjoyable with these silicone spoons made for your baby.

Features of the product

●    Softness and flexibility: The silicon tip of the spoon guarantees maximum gentleness on the gums of the babies. The soft silicone spoons make it easier and comfortable to feed the little one without harming the babies' sensitive gums.
●    Easy to use: The shape of the tip, the ergonomic handle, and the particular curvature allow you to feed the child most simply and appropriately.
●    Hygiene: The tip remains raised from the table when placed, thus ensuring better hygiene.
●    Long handle: The handle is long and ergonomic to facilitate grip and movement during feeding. 
●    BPA-free: The spoon is BPA-free, made out of non-toxic materials, making it safe to use for the baby.
●    Building healthy eating habits: The first spoon is an entryway into building healthy eating habits.

Customer benefits
While selecting the cutlery for the babies, it is essential to choose those products that are safe for them and comfortable to use. The soft and gentle silicone spoons make it easy and comfortable to spoon-feed the babies without harming their soft gums. 

Silicone spoons are soft and durable, providing a happy mealtime to the baby. The consumer benefits of using silicone baby spoon and other cutlery are as follows: 
●    Safe materials: Silicone is one of the best and safest materials to feed the baby. The durability of the silicone spoons makes them usable for a long time. 
●    Heat resistant: Chicco's silicon spoon can withstand both very high and low temperatures, making it both microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Even if the food is hot and you have dipped the spoon in it, nothing will happen to the spoon.
●    Flexibility: Silicon is flexible, thus making it safe to use for babies. The firm grip on the Chicco spoon handle allows holding the spoon firmly while feeding the baby.
●    Easy to clean: The Chicco silicone spoons are easy to clean as they are stain-resistant, odourless, and can quickly be washed.
●    Environmental friendly: The Chicco silicone spoons are BPA-free. 

Advantages of using Chicco Soft Silicone Spoon

●    Best way to feed: Chicco Silicone spoons are the best method to feed the baby, especially when learning to eat. It is the most appropriate and straightforward way to give nutrients to your baby. Its softness allows you to feed the baby most suitably and appropriately. 

●    Well designed and developed: The shape of the tip, the ergonomic handle, and the particular curvature allow you to feed the child most simply and appropriately. The flexible silicone tip is very gentle on the information and allows gently spoon-feeding the baby. The long ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip when feeding the baby. The silicon spoon keeps the tip clean because it never touches when it is put down.

●    Suitable for 6 months+ babies: The spoon is ideal for feeding the baby from 6 months of age. They can be the Chicco first spoon for the babies when they begin weaning.

●    Safe to use: The spoon's material is safe, non-toxic, reliable, and does not contain bisphenol (BPA), making it a BPA-free product ideal for tiny babies. It is also safe when the baby tries to eat on its own.

Good to know:

Chicco is one of the brands to manufacture silicon feeding utensils for the baby. We offer a complete range of silicon feeding utensils for babies. Cups, bowls, plates, spoons, etc., all products by Chicco are made without BPA, under regulations. 

Make the mealtime of  babies enjoyable by selecting the right set of feeding utensils by Chicco that have been specially designed understanding the needs of little ones and their parents. We believe, until your baby is about one year old, use baby-friendly products. Use only those products that are suitable for babies. You can browse from our varied collections for the baby and give the best to your little munchkin. So give the best to your baby, and we are here to provide all the support.

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Generic Name: Spoon
Net Quantity: 2N
Country of Origin: Italy
Dimensions(in mm): L:245 x W:105 x H:30
Gross Weight (in gm): 79

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
  • ●    Proper cleaning of food sets is essential. 
    ●    Parents should ensure that the silicon spoons used for feeding the babies shall be hygienic. It should be washed thoroughly and rinsed. 
    ●    Proper cleaning and storage are done by sterilizing them and keeping them in a spoon container.

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