The importance of children's game

From the very first months of life, playing helps to create a relationship between you and your baby who begins to discover himself and the world around him. The child's developmental process is strongly influenced by the stimuli and input from the surrounding environment. Having fun with mum and dad is also important, because it allows a baby to learn by imitating their actions, with useful effects on motor development as well as on self-awareness and self-esteem.

The baby's interaction in the early months of life

Newly born, a baby is attracted by his mother's face and bright colours. At 2 months, he understands the relationship between movement and noise and at 3 months he grabs and moves objects. At 5 months, he already has a transition object. At 6-7 months, he begins to understand that objects exist even if they can't be seen. At 9 months, he grabs, touches and ""tastes"" everything he sees. There are different types of baby toys on the market, each focusing on a specific aspect of your child's development and therefore suitable for your child's age.

Baby toys , ideas suitable for all ages

Among the many activities, which one to choose for your baby? From the third month, you can let your baby play with fabrics and shiny cards, to be crumpled or torn, with hot or cold materials, or rattles that make noise. At 5-6 months of age, you can offer your baby his first plush toy, and from now on, your baby can use his first multisensory toys for children or action toys. Not to forget, for babies, toys for strollers , which are a healthy distraction when taking your baby for a walk in town or in the park.

Games for growing children : movement...and more

From the 2nd year of life, your child will also begin to know the motor activity, running, jumping, throwing and learning to stay balanced. Movement improves motor skills, honors coordination and favors balance. Hiding , kicking the ball, jumping on one foot or aim for pins: the activities are endless. These are alternated with quieter fun, such as board games to be shared with the family, which are the basis for harmonious growth.