>The milk from the mother, even if she isn't there.

Breast milk is the best food for the baby: mothers knows it but, unfortunately, she must go back to work when the baby is only a few months old. In this case, further than their, understandable, regret for leaving their baby, mothers are frequently concerned about the continuation of nursing, considering that they cannot always be present for the feeding.


But it's not compulsory to resort to reconstituted milk: a breast pump can be tried, collecting the milk extracted from the breast in a sterile container and storing it in the fridge or in the freezer.


In this way, even if the mum is at work or away from home, the baby can be fed using breast milk, by her grandmother, by her nanny, by who is taking care of him, enjoying all the advantages of the milk of his mum, even if the mum is not there.


Surely, many mums are a bit reluctant in using a breast-pump because they fear that is complicated to use and may be annoying or hurt.

Actually a manual breast pump is delicate because it's easily manageable by the mum who can adjust pressure and intensity of expressing according to her needs. Usually, after the first few pressures on the lever, the milk flows easily, the mum does not struggle and does not feel any discomfort.


Thus, this item, which may be a little bit frightening, proves to be an usefully ally to manage nursing in any situation, to be able to breast feed notwithstanding any absence and difficulty for feeding the baby with the precious milk of his mum, as long as possible.