Toys to stimulate movement

No to sedentary life, at least as a child

Too often children lead a sedentary life: they have no opportunity to play freely, to move, to run, with consequences on the development of their motor skills and beyond. In fact, it is well known that experimenting, falling, getting up are healthy activities that favor our children 's motor progress, improve balance and coordination, but also contribute to personal safety and self - esteem.

Yes to motility games for children

Then we encourage the motor experiments of our children because the evolutionary process of the child and the motor in particular, are strongly influenced by the stimuli and the stresses coming from the environment. This is why we offer them toys that encourage them in motor experimentation, stimulate them to try new movements and new skills. All together on the move!

And above all we participate in their games, it will be a wonderful opportunity to do physical activity together, to share a pleasant experience, to relate and communicate with our children.